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Married quarters and au pairs

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LadyShapes Tue 12-Jul-11 17:32:07

We live in forces accommodation and I was thinking about the possibility of employing an au pair when I go back to work. The only problem is our house is only 3 bedrooms and I need one of those for my office, as I work from home. Does anyone know if we'd be entitled to a 4 bed house with only one child, but an au pair as well?
I've just realised I should put this in the Forces section. But hopefully there are forces people on here too.

PS My DH isn't an officer which, knowing how these things work, probably makes it impossible!

fraktious Tue 12-Jul-11 18:35:26

We aren't. DS is in with us to make room fir the nanny! It works as he's still little. Then hopefully we'll have another, he can move while little one cones in with us then they can share.

It's worth asking though.

MogandMe Wed 13-Jul-11 08:39:56

I am a nanny in MQ's.

I would think it would depend on the other houses available on patch and whether you would be allowed to move in ie if there are a surplus of 4 beds then they may - however if they get a large influx of new personell then I would imagine they may ask you to move again!

I think your main problem is the fact that you use one of your bedrooms as an office - you're very lucky to have a 3 bed instead of a 2 bed so they may say No.

Berryred Fri 15-Jul-11 21:09:18

not likey I'm afraid!

I do know of a lady who had 3 children (under the own bedroom age) who got a 4 bed for an au-pair.

You can all but ask (we had a 4 bed with one child, hides lol!)

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