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just wondering.......

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MUM2BLESS Tue 12-Jul-11 14:35:21

Some cm ask parents to provide food, nappies etc.

What emergencies do you have just incase these items are forgotten.

For example I had to purchase some nappies as only a small amount was in the little ones bag. I will still ask for them to be provided as these are emergencies only.

I also try to have drinks etc just in case some of the children come without. Originally I aks my parents to provide the food etc. After a while when I took on a child I charged a higer rate which included snack etc.

what experiences have you had with parents who provide food, nappies etc but either forgot or ran out of items?

Do you provide all items and include these in your price or do your parents provide them?


MUM2BLESS Tue 12-Jul-11 14:42:28

Sorry the little one who I have (started latter part on last yr, her mum provide most of the items including food. Her rate was not higher as I also have two siblings.

If I took on an older child I would charge more and include snacks etc.

stomp Tue 12-Jul-11 15:08:27

I provide all food (except breakfast) and drinks at no extra charge. Parents provide nappies but i ask for a months supply and write in their diary when we are running short- so far we haven't run out but i do have a few spare ones (about 4) in various sizes (been left behind when children have left or potty trained). I think if we were in danger of running out i would have to tell parents to drive to the local shop to pick some up on their way here- i do not drive and I live in a village.

mycatoscar Tue 12-Jul-11 15:11:04

my childminder charges me £5 per hour for my 5 year old including all food. She does not provide nappies for babies or formula milk, and told me that when a parent persistently "forgets" to bring these, she buys a pack and charges them in their weekly bill.

my dd's nursery had a similar policy, food included, formula and nappies not, and a penalty charge if you dont bring them.

arfanarf Tue 12-Jul-11 18:29:26

I ask the parents to put double the amount of nappies in on the first day so that I can keep some as an emergency supply.
I provide all food and drinks.

HSMM Tue 12-Jul-11 19:20:39

I took a decision a couple of years ago to raise my rates and include food, drinks, nappies, wipes, formula milk, etc. It has been much easier. Nothing is forgotten and children do not turn up with different food, so that all the children want each others dinners.

HSMM Tue 12-Jul-11 19:21:05

Having said that .. I always had spare nappies and food when parents used to provide them.

gardenpixies32 Tue 12-Jul-11 20:13:43

My fees include all meals, snacks and drinks. I am thinking of not having an increase next year but asking parents to provide meals - not sure about this yet.

I ask parents to provide the following when their children start with me...
(they are left here)

Nappies (I asked for a packet of nappies that usually last a month or so and let them know in diaries and at pick up that I need more. I havent had a parent not bring them in, yet)
Wipes (again, when these are running low, I ask for more. Most parents send in 2 packs)
Nappy creams/powder
A change of clothes
Apron for arts & crafts
Bottle or sippy cup

MUM2BLESS Thu 14-Jul-11 14:17:52

Thanks everyone, much appreciated. smile

I have decided where possible to keep some emergency nappies and a jar of baby food, as I do not always want to go shopping.

I do not want the kids to go without but if I start buying these items I may have to continue to do so. I have in the past ask the parent to provide milk and juice etc, but still have my emergencies, just in case.

What would be considered a snack? I do not really want to be in the kitchen for too long as I have a busy schedule and I sometime you have to be dealing with a child that is fussy.

I want to ensure at all times that I provide a high standard for all the chidlren in my care.

gardenpixies32 are you in the kitchen a lot and how do you find that? do you have any fussy eaters or children with dietry needs etc? What if you have a menu and the child does not want what you have provided?

MUM2BLESS Thu 14-Jul-11 14:20:11

I think I start a thread on food now smile

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