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"Unregistered childminder" ?

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AlaskaHQ Mon 11-Jul-11 17:51:48

I am returning to work after a 4 year break in September. DD aged 2 sorted in day nursery. However, I am struggling to find before/after school care for my DS, aged 5 in September. There are only a handful of official childminders in our area, none of whom have any space for a school age child, able to pick up from our infants school. The afterschool club offered by the school doesn't offer the right hours.

I received a phone call earlier from a contact I had met, saying a friend who was an "unregistered childminder" might have space. Sounds very nice, potentially very workable, but nervous about this "unregistered" business.

Would you consider this? Is it illegal, and would it be me breaking the law, or the childminder. If you did go ahead, what would you insist upon? First Aid qualifications, CRB check, references? As well as of course "gut feel" when visiting the place, whether I am happy with it and whether it would suit DS. What happens about tax and NI and things like that (or are those things you only need worry about with a Nanny, not a Childminder who is in effect their own employer?)

I am very short of options. And will soon be beginning to panic. But I had never heard of an "unregistered childminder" before.

Any advice (or other suggestions) very much appreciated.

cjbartlett Mon 11-Jul-11 17:53:30

Sorry it's a no go and illegal
Could you alter your hours to fit in with the after school club?

nannynick Mon 11-Jul-11 17:59:18

> Is it illegal, and would it be me breaking the law, or the childminder.

I believe it would be the childminder breaking the law. However I would wonder if you could possibly be charged with Neglect if something very bad happened.

A registered childminder is self employed. An unregistered childminder I suppose is still self employed, tax law and childcare law are different things.

boombangabang Mon 11-Jul-11 17:59:44

No such thing as an 'unregistered childminder', only people who illegally take money for looking after children. Giving it a name is really only seeking to legitimise something that is illegal and potentially dangerous imo

Dozer Mon 11-Jul-11 18:04:19

If they would only be caring for your DC or as part of a nanny-share, then they're a nanny. Otherwise sounds dodgy.

AlaskaHQ Mon 11-Jul-11 18:12:33

Thank you for the responses. You are all saying what I thought might be the case, so back to "square one" on the hunt.

nannynick Mon 11-Jul-11 18:23:02

What are the hours you need someone to do? Could the after-school club be used and then have a student say collect from the club.

Strumpypumpy Mon 11-Jul-11 18:31:45

You don't have to be registered to childmind for less than two hours a day. So if this "unregistered childminder" is just doing after school pick up for a couple of hours a day, she/he is within the law.
But I think there may still be an age limit of the children and a maximum number of children. In fact I am sure of it. Check with her first. Then check with your local authority, there will be a appointed person in your area who deals with childminders overall.

mranchovy Mon 11-Jul-11 18:35:50

There certainly is such a thing as an unregistered childminder, but they cannot look after a child less than 8 years old for more than 2 hours in any day.

So they could look after your 5 year old for an hour before and an hour after school, but no more.

pollywollyhadadollycalledmolly Mon 11-Jul-11 19:51:04

This person isn't an unregistered childminder they are a babysitter.

I personally would never leave my child with someone like this, ask yourself why they are not registered?? It's not that difficult to register.

Is it because they would not pass the disclosure cheak, so a criminal record?
Medical checks are also done, so are they maybe not medically fit to look after children, either physically or mentally.
Are they not prepared to offer your child a stimulating environment or good snacks? (as opposed to a packet of crisps eaten in front of the tv)
Do they not want to declare their earnings, maybe claiming housing benefit or benefits etc so therefore doing the government out of money i.e tax payers = you!
Do they have people living in their household with criminal convictions?

Remember they will not be insured, you will not be able to get a contract, so they could just say to you one day, oh dont bring them back tomoz! And then you are up a creek without a paddle!! They will probably have no training at all either.

Have you tried what about posting on your local netmums childcare board?

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