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Quick question about childminders and holiday cover

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dontrunwithscissors Thu 07-Jul-11 13:54:07

I'm thinking waaay ahead here as DD1 isn't due to start school for another year, but my area isn't exactly overflowing with childminders. My situation is that I will need before and after school care, either for 3 or 4 days. However, I get so many holidays that, combined with my DH, we could cover between 10 and 12 weeks of the holiday time. My work has a holiday care scheme that could be used for the rest of the holidays. How common is it for childminders to take on term-time only school children? Perhaps this rests with the supply/demand of chilcare in an area, or is it considered quite normal?

My other option would be to use the breakfast/after school club at her primary, but I fear that's oversubscribed. I also suspect it will be more tiring to go to something like that after school, especially when she's new to it all. Any thoughts? Many thanks.

Penny0 Thu 07-Jul-11 15:19:18

My childminder has my son for term time only, and also offers holiday time only care, but she runs a home group and I don.t think it's that common. Probably going to have to do the long job of calling all your local people individually. Good luck on finding someone

Strix Thu 07-Jul-11 17:11:41

I think it's quite common. But as you say if childminders are in demand in your area you might find you aren't the only one looking for this arrangement, and so they may be full. You will just have to ask around.

I do the reverse. DS2 goes to a childminder in term time but during school hours only while his older brother and sister are in school.

Numberfour Thu 07-Jul-11 17:11:57

Some will and some won't be prepared to take on term time only. Some may be prepared to do that on payment of a retainer.

You will have to ask around. There are CMs that do that, but finding one may be the issue!

MovingAndScared Fri 08-Jul-11 19:14:18

I think its pretty common - in my experience CM are more laid back about school age children

mamamaisie Fri 08-Jul-11 22:46:33

I am a childminder and I am happy to take on school aged children term time only with no retainer fees. I actually prefer this arrangement as it makes it easier for me to take my own children out during the holidays. I wouldn't be willing to do term time only for children under 5 because they are my main earners!

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