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What do I need to know?

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purplepidjin Tue 05-Jul-11 17:20:28

My lovely personal trainer has now got his own gym, and wants me to set up a creche - bit of an unique selling point round here!

I have NVQ3 Health and Social Care (Care of Children and Young People) and 6 years (official) experience working with a variety of ages and needs, mainly SEN. Unofficially I've been working with kids since school teaching music.

I have a current CRB from the local council because i'm a part time Youth Worker, also their official Safeguarding training, First Aid etc.

I need to know: Is that the right qualification/experience mix? What sort of money would be reasonable to charge? Should I look into registering as a childminder? Are there any Early Years courses I should look into? Would having an onsite creche tempt you to use a private gym instead of the local council one (he's already doing incredibly well)?

Thank you very very much!

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