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Advice Please - New Nanny/New Family

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Tas1 Mon 04-Jul-11 21:54:27

Please could you advise me, my niece has just finished her Level 3 in childcare and she is hunting for a Nanny position.
A family have approached her but they have never employed a nanny before and my niece is also none the wiser as to how they go about employing a Nanny either.

I have listed below the things I think the family should be providing and instigating. Can you add anything you think I have missed out please.

*Written contract
*Minimum 5.6 weeks holiday per year (pro rata) which can include bank hols.
*Family to register with HMRC as an employer
*Pay Employers Tax & NI contributions
*Some form of payroll facility to generate wage slips and to have my niece's Tax & NI deducted correctly. (NannyTax)
*Employers Liability Insurance
*Have my niece added to their car insurance
*Home/contents Insurance updated?

Have I missed anything???

Thanking you for your help in advance.

bubaluchy Mon 04-Jul-11 22:19:41

That looks good, make sure she does them because she may feel awkward to ask but first time nanny employers can burn their nannies out by asking too much of good natured girls.
I would add to suggest to the family to pay to get her Ofsted registered then the government will pay the family 70 percent of the nannies wages (child care vouchers) and will be able to afford to pay her more.
Plus if it doesn't work out with this family at least she will be able to get another job easily if she is Ofsted reg.

cherub59 Mon 04-Jul-11 22:25:56

Ofsted reg does not mean the gov pays the family 70 pct of the nanny wages. It means that if the employer is able to get childcare vouchers then the can take a certain amount (£243 gross per month) in vouchers and save themselves some tax. Ofsted reg can take a while but is worthwhile.

Tas1 Mon 04-Jul-11 22:29:04

Good thinking, being Ofsted Registered does mean they can use Childcare Vouchers. I will add that to the list.

Anything else?

fivegomadindorset Mon 04-Jul-11 22:30:05

Terms of being sick
Notice of end of employment.

ytseb Mon 04-Jul-11 22:30:14

You also need to account for her using her own car, if she's transporting children around, mileage allowance, not many families let you use their vehicles. How they would pay sick pay if she was of sick. If doing extra such as babysitting to include a rate. Make sure they work in gross not net. They need to put job role, whether they expect her to do some household chores etc, and to make sure she's happy with it. The family I used to work for use to invite alot of other children around and although the children need to have friends to play with etc, on some occasions I had far too many to look after. Just get her to think about things like that ,within her job role.
Probably alot more other nanny's can add to this, but I hope all goes well for her.
Also is she ofsted registered, or going to be? The family would benefit from it as well as your niece doing everything properly. She could ask the family to help her pay towards the registration. I'd get her to look into it.

nannynick Mon 04-Jul-11 23:31:25

*Pay Employers Tax & NI contributions

I feel that's worded badly...

Pay Employers NI Contributions
Deduct Employees Income Tax and NI on behalf of the employee

That I feel is better. They need to realise that they pay a Gross salary, from which there are deductions. As the employer, they are responsible for saving those deductions and sending them on to HMRC once every 3 months.

Employers NI is an addition to the Gross salary and is purely down to the employer to pay.

Oh and obviously Agree A Gross Salary is a must feature in any list.

Is it a live-in, or live-out job?

nannynick Mon 04-Jul-11 23:40:54

Things to do with food/drink - what meals are provided and which if any are not provided.

Accommodation - when can and can't it be used, who can and can't stay (eg. boyfriend, girlfriend, mum/dad, other relatives, someone completely unknown).

If it is live-in, then your niece can get insurance to cover her own possessions. However there would need to be some agreement over who could access the room - note, may not be a lockable room as that might then make them not part of the family (see some other discussions on here recently about live-in nannies and National Minimum Wage). Would they have use of a bathroom which is mostly for their use but not exclusively for their use?

What sort of activities/outings are expected... what budget is being given for those? The budget may well vary as children get older.

Tas1 Tue 05-Jul-11 07:44:53

Fantastic advice from everyone, thank you.

It is a live-out position 3-4 days per week.
3 children with light housework duties.

NannyBeth Tue 05-Jul-11 08:16:02

Make sure they define what they expect under "light housework"!!

Agree with everything else said so far. Make sure she discusses Ofsted Reg with the family as not all are eligible for vouchers. Also, I would expect the family to pay for registration if they can use the vouchers - it doesn't actually benefit the nanny at all, just the family!

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