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Can anyone help me with the going rate for a newly qualified nanny in (affluent) Essex?

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Helzapoppin Mon 27-Jun-11 13:42:11

I'm having a baby in a few weeks time and am looking at employing a friend's placement nanny, who is keen to take on a few hours until she starts uni in September. She would be looking after my DD (2.5 yrs) but not in sole charge (unless they wanted a walk to the park, shops etc.) as I'd be at home, albeit putting my feet up and trying to get some last minute work done!
Does anyone have an idea of what the going rate for this sort of work might be? We live in Essex, most families commute to the city, so it's quite affluent and nannies are at a bit of a premium!

nannynick Mon 27-Jun-11 22:09:31

Very hard to say - see Newly qualified live out nanny salary thread for some discussion about it.

Assuming they won't be living with you, you will need to pay NMW as a minimum - the rate depends on the persons age.

Sounds like they may be a student... if so then see HMRC: Student Employees with regard to special arrangements with regard to operating PAYE. Though looking at the P38(s) form, you may not be able to use it as they are changing college/uni course (as you say they start uni in September). So may be useful to also look at PAYE Basics.

What salaries are in your area for qualified experienced nannies may make little difference to what you pay them, as you can only pay them what you can afford to pay. They either decide to accept the job on that wage, or not.

Katy1368 Tue 28-Jun-11 02:43:37

Hey Helzapoppin!

I employ a live out nanny in Wanstead which is kind of Essex/London borders, though she does actually live in Essex and commutes in. She was less experienced when I first employed her and her rate was around £8 an hour but now after gaining more experince with my DD 1.5 years later I know that if she were to look for another job she would be looking for £10 an hour. I have her on a monthly deal so a bit cheaper obviously

Helzapoppin Tue 28-Jun-11 13:23:59

Thanks for the replies. I was thinking around £8-10ph. Thanks for the post about the special arrangements for student tax too. Had not even occurred to me that this may be different. She will be between courses.

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