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advice please

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rememberingnothing Mon 27-Jun-11 13:41:50

Hi, I think I already know the answer to my questions but I'm very interested to know what others think.

I have 2 DC - aged 3 and 4. Until recently I was working part-time and combined care with a CM and with a kindergarten (Steiner).

I am now working full-time and my CM has been great working around the kg hours and doing pick-up and drop-off. I pay her for some of the hours when the DCs are at the kg.

However, she can't do any care around the new school (her DC attend another), also she doesn't work on Tuesdays and I have had to make other arrangements for that day which are OK for now but I don't want to continue.

I think really I need to leave her and she is already aware of course that my eldest will not be coming in September. I need advice as to whether to tell her now and hope that she will be able to cover the summer holidays or wait until the 4 week notice period and just do that? I want to give her as much notice as possible but also I don't want to risk not having any childcare if she then just takes 4 weeks?


PS I really like her so if anyone needs a CM?

MovingAndScared Mon 27-Jun-11 14:24:50

have you got alternative childcare set up? I would find that first in your situation.
there was another thread about notice period recently - in general the conclusion was that childminders would appriciate longer - I would imagine at this point in the year she would be unlikely to find new mindees before september

rememberingnothing Mon 27-Jun-11 16:16:23

yes I have but only from September when my eldest will be in full time education, the childminder who can pick her up can also work with my youngest.

I think I'm being a wuss about handing in my notice. I'm sure she wouldn't mind but I'm risking having no childcare for all of August if I hand her notice now?

MovingAndScared Mon 27-Jun-11 19:58:10

She would have to move pretty quickly to find someone to start in august now - and most CM wouldn't do it - I expect it won't be a shock to her anyway given the circumstances

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