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What type of childcare?

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joyjoy2011 Sun 19-Jun-11 19:33:46

I'm looking for some advice. I am due back to work later this year and will be working 3 days in the office and 2 from home (hours completely flexible). Ideally I would like to put my Daughter into a nursery for the 3 days I'm at work and then have some childcare at home for the 2 days I'm home. I'm wondering whether I need a childminder, nanny or simply a babysitter.
Any advice welcome.
Thank you.

nannynick Sun 19-Jun-11 22:40:05

Not a childminder, as you want the care at your own home. A childminder cares for children at their, the childminders home.
However working at home you may find tricky with a young child around. Is it something you already do? Can you isolate yourself off sufficiently to be able to work at home whilst your DD is awake?

Cost is also something to take into consideration... care at your home for your DD would most likely be on a 1:1 basis, which will cost quite a lot compared to your DD being in group care such as Nursery or with a Childminder.

Babysitter - 6pm-2am is typically the babysitting hours. If you have someone come to your home during the day, they are more a nanny in my view. Certainly someone coming to your home 2 days a week working fixed days, possibly fixed hours I'd expect would be an employed position, plus the job involves caring for your DD, so nanny would be a word to use. Keep in mind that nanny does not mean someone trained in childcare, or experienced in childcare... it covers a wide spectrum, from those who have no formal training or experience to those who have a lot of experience and a lot of formal training.

How much are you expecting 2 days of childcare at your home to cost?
Where are you located geographically... costs for childcare can vary between city/town/rural.
What are you expecting your DD to get out of those 2 days being cared for by someone, rather than being at nursery?

joyjoy2011 Mon 20-Jun-11 11:44:57

Thank you the information nannynick. My aim was to be able to spend parts of the day with my daughter given my hours are so flexible but the more I think about it the more nursery full time seems to be the right thing for her, or for me to work part time. Thanks again.

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