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Dear boss....

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NorthernNanny Thu 16-Jun-11 10:22:28

I've started this thread as a way for everyone to write a kind of anonymous letter to their bosses - what do they do that you're thankful for? are they a good boss? bad boss? whatever. Ok, I'll go first....

Dear MB and DB I'm writing this letter because if I don't I'll scream. When you knocked my asking wages down by a considerable amount I accepted because at the time I thought it would be ok - I thought you were cheeky but I can't really do anything about that now, I've learnt from it though and it won't happen again.

When you said you wouldn't provide ANY meals for me - not even a sandwich for lunch I was gobsmacked and not paying me the going rate for petrol? I don't think you fully realised what having a nanny entailed and now I'm the one missing out.

Then you ask me to babysit for well under minimum wage because you 'can't afford it' yet the previous day you'd bought the children £25 t-shirts because they were 'cute', not to mention all the clothes and beauty products that get delivered on a weekly basis - do you think it's far for me to see all that when you're telling me you don't have enough money to pay me properly?!!

I don't feel respected, I don't feel valued and I think you've got a cheek to push as far as you have. Maybe I'm to blame in part for not being firmer with you but a bit of human compassion goes a long way and I can't believe you don't feel guilty for the way you've treated me. Asking me to babysit for next to nothing was the final straw though and it looks like you'll have to find someone else. Just to let you know though I so wanted it to work -I've bonded with the LO's and they're great, I have always done my best and would've gone out of my way to help you out but to be honest, now I don't see why I should. Good luck finding someone who'll put up with it - for what you're paying and all the scrimping you've done, it'll be a challenge but I really hope you find someone decent who's going to be good for the children, it's not their fault after all.

Strix Thu 16-Jun-11 12:02:18

oh my... shock

Why are you still there????

StealthPolarBear Thu 16-Jun-11 12:06:31

You've started a thread about this before haven't you? They agreed to pay you mileage and then tred to knock it down when you'd taken the job??

nbee84 Thu 16-Jun-11 12:38:58

I remember your previous thread - suprised you lasted this long!

Good luck with the new job hunt. I hope you find a family that will appreciate you.

Missingfriendsandsad Thu 16-Jun-11 12:46:43

Send them a letter from your lawyers explaining their breaches of the minimum wage and lack of national insurance contributions. A reduction in agreed expenses is an artificual reduction in salary, and that you suggest mediation as a cost-neutral way of resolution as you are keen to mitigate costs. Follow this up in seven days with 'further to our communication x, please can you forward me a opy of your standard grievance procedures and policies, or if you do not have these, a clear statement to that effect...

If you have been working there for more than a year you have max employment rights!

thebody Thu 16-Jun-11 14:20:20

brill last post.. please do the above and let us know hopw it goes... cheeky buggers..

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