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i could do with some advice now...

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me2011 Wed 15-Jun-11 20:32:54

I am a nanny,i have taken on this job with a 4 weeks old baby and at the interviw i was asked by parents if i am willing to do cleaning for the family home:i tought about it and i said that as the baby will be asleep few hours per day then i could do once a week cleaning.All agreed,contracted and fine.Now the baby is one year old,i am more busy with him and i really strugle with cleaning the house especially that MB has very high stardands about cleaning,she just come home to show me dust there and there...I told her that i am not good with cleaning and that i have never done cleaning in my previous jobs.I am so stressed about this,i feel like insted of enjoying the little one,which i love,i am more and more busy to make sure the house is clean for when mb comes home.Also I am not doing the cleaning once a week as we first talked but twice and i am not happy about this.
I dont know how to talk to mb about the situation,if i say that i dont want to do cleaning any more she will notbe happy,she may propose a cut in my pay which is just about average nanny rate in surrey,and i cant accept this.

Oh,sorry for the rambling.I mean i can continue to do cleaning once a week if she is willing to pay for a profesional cleanar once a week,asshe has this high expectations.
Please your oponion on how to aproach the situation.Thank you

nannynick Wed 15-Jun-11 20:54:29

How would you usually raise an issue with mumboss? Is she the sort of person who likes things done formally such as by letter or an e-mail, or someone who will chat with you over a cup of tea.

You say you are doing it twice a week now, was that her idea, or your's? The time you now have available to do cleaning tasks may be quite different to how long you had in the past - though may depend how much the child sleeps.

Does the contract specify the amount of time you spend cleaning? If so and you are spending that amount of time, then as far as I can see you are still keeping to your side of the agreement.

me2011 Wed 15-Jun-11 21:19:14

thank you nannynic.

I ended up doing twice a week as mb isconstantly seeing dust,dust is in the air...
In my contract she wrote" general cleaning of familly home" and i do it over 5 week days,every day a little bit.
I could start talking withher over a cup of tea and i will propose that she may need to hire a profesional cleaner as she wants the house to be spotless and i admit a cant do that.My only problem is that she may want to cut my wage and i cant accept that.I mean the wage she pays me is just a nanny wage and i dont know how can i make her understand that.I am in walton-on thames,i hev 10 years experiences as a nanny and my pay in £10.80 gross per hour.What do you think?I mean i want to be prepared to tell her that i can find another jon,just to nanny,for that money.

nannynick Wed 15-Jun-11 21:50:06

"dust is in the air..." - yep it is, all the time. It's more visible in Summer as the sunlight shows the particles - ever sat and watched the sun shining through a window to the floor... you can see the dust.

I can't see how she could cut your wage given you are doing what you are contracted to do. She may want to negotiate the wage at some future point but risks you not agreeing and you leaving - that may not be something she wants.

Your pay is similar to mine and I work quite near you, so it is quite typical in our area for a nanny. I don't do cleaning officially... I do run the vac around on occasion, I do wipe surfaces, that sort of everyday task but not dusting!

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