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Can anyone help me with DHC Unit 3 please?????

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Tas1 Sun 12-Jun-11 12:34:31

I am struggling with questions B & A from Unit 3

B-Analyse the importance of working with other professionals in the interest of the child
A-Evaluate the role of the reflective practitioner

I sort of know what I want to say and have bullet points with what I think I need to include but just can't seem to put it into words????

It is driving me mad!

Any help would be fantastic.
Thanking you in advance. xxx

Tas1 Mon 13-Jun-11 07:58:53

Any help would be great, please...........

HSMM Mon 13-Jun-11 09:05:48

Have you identified the other professionals - parents, ofsted, social services, medical staff, nursery, school, etc and why working with them is in the best interests of the child?

Reflective practitioner - observe, analyse, review, make changes.

Just a couple of thoughts (that you might already have on your list). I sometimes find if someone else just throws some words at me, my brain clicks into gear and I find something to write.

Hope this helps.

Tas1 Tue 14-Jun-11 07:58:15

Yes I have a list of all the people we could work along side and why but I just can't seen to put it into an essay format without it sounding like a list.

I know what I want to say but don't know how to pad it out.

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