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Am so gutted. Have had to give notice to my lovely CM

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ElfOnTheTopShelf Sat 11-Jun-11 21:24:49

I am on maternity leave with my second child. My eldest is going to be six this year and has been going to the same child minder since she was six months.
I had planned to keep DD attending the CM house while I was on mat leave for a few days a week, to keep her in the same environment, but to spend a few days at home a week with me and the baby before/after school etc.
however, the day before I had the baby, DH was made redunant - received no redundancy pay as hadn't been there long enough.
Given my reduced pay for maternity pay, and DH only getting dole money, I simply cannot afford to send DD to the CM, particularly during the six weeks holidays, as its just money I don't have.
I had really been hoping to place the new baby with the CM as well when I went back to work, and I know I may have lost the chance for that and have to find a new CM for both children when I go back to work if the CM has filled the places.
I'm gutted. DH told CM on Friday; I just hope she knows that we dont have another choice

AMYJ1234 Sat 11-Jun-11 22:04:01

You sound like you really love and respect your CM - With the best plans in the world life takes its course and we all have to go along with whatever happens! Your CM will know that - she will understand. Gosh Im a CM myself - just been on another thread and there are some horrors out there! Have a chat with her and everything will work out just fine xx Good luck with babes n 2! xx

Julezboo Sat 11-Jun-11 22:06:37

Ahh its hard isnt it. I actually cried when giving notice to our childminder! We are good friends now though n speak most days at the school and she still hlps out in an emergency smile

sandym3g Sun 12-Jun-11 19:55:31

We had 3 children that had to leave due to there dad being made redundant. They stayed in their months notice. Left on the Thursday and on the Friday the mum texted us to say that dad had got a new job. They started again with us 2 weeks later after the half term holiday. You never know this might happen to you. Lets hope it does.

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