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Childminder in Walton on Thames

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Sugarbean Fri 10-Jun-11 11:18:56

Morning all,

Can anyone recommend an excellent childminder based in Walton on Thames please? I have never used a childminder before and I would like to use a recommendation, rather than just pick from a list...

My DD is 18 months and I'm looking for a childminder to look after her in the afternoons (Tues, Wed & Thur) around 3 hours per day with a possible meal included.

I have a son who goes to pre-school every afternoon and although DD goes to nursery Mon and Fri, I need her to go somewhere in the afternoon on the Tues, Wed & Thurs so I can get some work done (as I work from home!)

I would prefer someone who has had a few years under their belt in childminding who has great recommendations and has all the necessary qualifications, such as first aid, childcare etc. Childminders are new territory for me so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


SuperSaint Fri 10-Jun-11 12:32:02

Hi Sugarbean

I use a childminder in WOT who I would recommend highly but she doesn't have any space for any more preschoolers on Tues and Wed (I'm not sure about Thurs). I also know several other people who use childminders they are happy with but again I am not sure about availability. The problem is likely to be that you are wanting to take up a preschool space for such a short amount of time each day. It is unlikely the childminder will be able to fill the other hours in the day.

I suggest you go on the Surrey CC website and search by postcode then email all the childminders in the area. I did this and got a few replies then went to visit them all.

Planning ahead, you may also want to consider what school your DS will be going to and whether you need a childminder to take him or collect him from school once he starts. You could then look at childminders who drop off / collect from that school.

Good luck!

Sugarbean Mon 13-Jun-11 10:18:58

Thank you SS - its for my daughter who is 18 months old - son already has a pre-school place which is in the afternoons, hence the reason I was enquiring about DD going in the afternoons.

I can look up the childminders but wanted to hear any recommendations first. I'm aware my hours may not suit any childminders and I'm happy to adapt the hours accordingly if need be.


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