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after school activities

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sevenseas Fri 10-Jun-11 00:05:36

I am thinking of going back to work and considering childcare options. We have two DC - DD9 and DD6. Both do quite a lot of activities after school so am not sure a childminder would work (and there is no afterschool care at the school).

How could this work? Could I employ a nanny (we live in a village in Hampshire) to collect them from school and take them home or to their activities? How much is this likely to cost?

fraktious Fri 10-Jun-11 07:12:39

You could indeed employ a nanny, However this would probably be an expensive option. I'd budget around £10/hour taking into account gross wage, employers NI and mileage. Salary depends on the individual applicant but as it's afterschool only it's likely to be quite high in terms of hourly rate when compared to FT jobs. A nanny with own child may be cheaper.

What do you plan to do about school holidays?

Do you have space for an au pair type person? It sounds like an ideal job, although the location may put some people off and I assume you need a driver which would cost you in car insurance.

sevenseas Fri 10-Jun-11 10:22:52

Thank you for your reply. No room for an au pair here unfortunately. During the school holidays I would probably send the girls to activity clubs but I think the hours for these would be similar to school. I have family who could help out in the holidays after hours, but probably a bit much to ask them to take on term-time too. Might just have to keep looking for a part-time job.

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