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xkatyx Thu 09-Jun-11 19:31:14

hi everyone me and my husband are expecting twins in dec time and already have 3 dc youngest 5 months!!

I really am going to need some help as husband will need to work more lol

How do I go about finding a night nanny we live in east Sussex area

Please any advise otherwise I think I may go slightly insane

eastmidlandsnightnanny Thu 09-Jun-11 20:57:31

You could search privately just use google and type in night nanny east sussex or maternity night nurse/nanny and hopefully will come up with some. I used to live in east sussex but now am in east midlands and sadly dont really know anyone who covers night nanny work.

You could try an agency only know a few that cover that area, tinies, tigerlily and kidsmatteruk and poss eden nannies.

Congrats and you are going to be very very busy!! - My sister is due her 4th in sept and she will have 3 aged 11mths,almost 4yrs and 5yrs - she is in east sussex!

Perhaps some help in the daytime may be useful to you also so perhaps 2 people would be of some help maybe a mothers help type person to come in each day and just generally muck in and help even if just for the beginnign of day or late afternoon through to bedtime. (mothers help tend to be paid min wage gross)

Then have a night nanny to do every other night or 3 nights a week (perhaps a mon/wed/fri) which allows you and husband time to catch up on sleep in between but also enables you to afford a night nanny for a longer period of time and perhaps afford some daytime help (am assuming you dont have endless funds and if you can afford every night then def have every night!)

If you can afford to have a night nanny for 8-15wks.

With a night nanny think about do you just want the sleep if so a nanny with twin baby experience looking for first night nanny job would be fine and cheaper at around £12 an hr but if you want routine advice and support then an experienced night nanny would be better at around £15-£18 an hr

good luck

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