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Hi all

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trish3717 Thu 09-Jun-11 11:13:33

Hi there, new to this website, just thought I would say Hi and introduce myself, i have done it on this page because i am a Registered Childminder as well as a mum, Im Trish3717 and live in Devon smile

thebody Thu 09-Jun-11 11:20:52

hi trish, good to hear from you, cm and mum as well but sadly not in lovely devon.

Saltire Thu 09-Jun-11 11:22:46

Hello. I'm a CM (maybe not for much longer) and a mum. You might not get many responses now as we'll all be working.
* disclamier, mine is having a nap

surfandturf Thu 09-Jun-11 11:37:08

Hi Trish - welcome to MN!

I'm soon to be a childminder and a mum of two in Dorset. (Almost as nice as Devon!)

CrazyBabies Thu 09-Jun-11 13:19:53

Hi and welcome. I am a cm and a mum to 3ds. Its my day off today so catching up with paper work. Come July I will be working a 5 day week again as I have twins starting, although will be loosing 2 mindees, one in July and one end of Aug. So there is a bit of an over lap. I really try and get one day off a week because it is very tiring! but very rewarding and fun - I love being with little uns.

trish3717 Thu 09-Jun-11 17:08:45

Its good to hear from other cms, i have been reading some of the posts there seem to be many cms on here, I liked the post about late payment this seems to be an age old problem!!

HSMM Thu 09-Jun-11 18:09:26

Hi. Just finished work. Feel free to have a moan, ask questions, or just read our rubbish. I was directed to this site about a year ago and there is soooo much useful information (particularly about Ofsted's latest fads).

anewyear Fri 10-Jun-11 12:25:23

Mum and CM here too grin

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