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Childminder in Kingston-upon-Thames?

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Pookielino Thu 09-Jun-11 10:20:07

We will be moving to Kingston later in the year and am wondering if anyone knows of a nice childminder there? My boy is 15 months old and is currrently in nursery, but when we move to Kingston I would consider all childcare options. So I would be grateful for any thoughts or ideas.
Thanks very much in advance!

vicki2010 Thu 09-Jun-11 13:08:33

Hi Emma,
I am a childminder living in Surbiton (5 mins from kingston) at the moment i don't have any space but things change all the time so may be worth taking your details in case a space crops up,i also know lots of lovely childminders depending on what hours you want and how many days etc. pm if interested, Vicki

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