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AP turning into more of a nanny?

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madeindevon2 Wed 08-Jun-11 14:20:44

anyone had experience of this?
we have a v good aupair who we have had for 2 years now. she is 26 and been great with our toddler who starts school soon.
there is a chance her roll might change to more of a nanny role should we increase the family... she is great our toddler and my extended familys babies and seems like the natural choice....
anyone got experience of this?
what to do live in nannys charge?
she has use of car paid for as well as gym as well as at least one holiday abroad annually.
i guess i have to sort out the whole tax thing also? any advice?

nannynick Wed 08-Jun-11 15:17:56

If you pay your au-pair more than the lower tax threshold for national insurance you start getting involved in tax side of things. Doesn't matter if you call them an au-pair or a nanny. HMRC: PAYE basics

Live-in nannies are paid whatever the parents feel they are worth and what the nanny agrees to accept. I would expect you could be looking at £150-£300 a week probably. As an au-pair they may not be doing many hours of childcare... whereas being a nanny they would be doing more hours of childcare, especially if you are say going out to work and leaving them with a baby and pre-schooler.

Discuss the situation with them and ask them how they feel about it... how much additional salary they feel they would want given the change of duties.

Strix Wed 08-Jun-11 16:22:41

I think this is a natural progression. I'd give her a raise in line with the increased hours, and then a bit more... say 5 or 10% (depending on what she makes now).

We have an "au pair" who is really somewhere between nanny and au pair. She does look after a baby, but not all day every day. We also have a childminder. I pay her more than the average au pair, but less than a full time nanny.

madeindevon2 Wed 08-Jun-11 16:36:10

thanks for your replies, that does help

mranchovy Thu 09-Jun-11 19:32:53

Live-in nannies generally work 50-55 hours a week and earn £300-£500+ IME

catepilarr Thu 09-Jun-11 21:37:10

when i was job hunting a few years ago in london, there were ltos of jobs like this around. not quite a nanny job but not an aupairjob either. as someone used to call it - semi nanny ;)

Strix Fri 10-Jun-11 11:33:53

I think the range goes below £300 for the very-newly-qualified / not-very-experienced nanny, especially in this market. Particularly if you don't use an agency.

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