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Advice on how to find an SN nanny

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izzie123 Tue 07-Jun-11 22:52:56

Hi ladies,

your advice on where to find a good SN nanny would be much appreciated. I have posted on a childcare website, and have heard about SNAP. Other ideas would be great. Anyone willing to share their experience with SNAP and other agencies? and their tips on how to find that gem of a person. We are on the Surrey/Hampshire border and this is to look after a child with ASD and SLD after school.

nannynick Wed 08-Jun-11 05:59:10

What is SLD?

Why do you need someone with specific experience, rather than someone with general childcare experience and the right attitude towards disabilities?

GoodDaysBadDays Wed 08-Jun-11 06:17:23

We looked for a nanny through all the usual routes but didn't specify experience with sn was essential. Imo the right person had to be willing to learn about my ds's needs and undertake training for makaton if needed.

Our nanny was wonderful and did an amazing job with ds and my other dc's, she had a very small amount of sn experience but came to meetings, read reports and used her childcare knowledge to implement advice given in a much better way than I could!

I see my nanny as part of my family and we had no experience in sn but want the best for ds. A good nanny who fits in with your family will be a great asset to you.

Personally I would focus on finding the person who you geek is right in all areas not just sn experience.

Good luck!

GoodDaysBadDays Wed 08-Jun-11 06:20:41

Nannynick- Speech and language disorder

GoodDaysBadDays Wed 08-Jun-11 06:22:39

Who you feel is right in all areas!

nannynick Wed 08-Jun-11 10:00:35

Ah so a child on the autistic spectrum who has some or no speech. I've had those in the past and I didn't have prior experience of caring for such children before having them.

So I totally agree with GDBD that experience is not necessary, it's about finding the right person who is willing to learn about the child's specific needs. Someone whom your child relates to very quickly upon first meeting - I remember meeting a 4 year old child on the spectrum who on our first meeting launched himself at me and sat on my lap for most of the meeting. This was very unusual for him as he didn't like physical contact.

I've tried learning makaton in the past but it's difficult if you are not caring a lot for a child who uses it. PECS is a bit easier, though personally I don't find I need to use either communication system. Maybe I've been lucky with the children whom I have worked with, or because I have a lot of autistic tendencies myself perhaps we just communicate via a different method (can't explain that one but there does seem to be some inter-brain connection going on). Anyway going off on a tangent there.

Focus on the person, not their background skills and experience. All children are different so even if someone is experienced with caring for a child on the spectrum, your child may be completely different.

Have you asked your local NAS branch if anyone know's of anyone suitable?
Have you contacted local nannies, such as those advertising on

izzie123 Wed 08-Jun-11 11:50:25

Thanks for your replies. I have posted on Good idea about the NAS. I think you are right about having the right attitude. It's more that our son has challenging behaviour and needs to be occupied and supervised at all times so a lot of NT nannies are put off by that.
Gooddaysbaddays how did you find your nanny?

Danthe4th Wed 08-Jun-11 12:08:05

The national autistic society run training courses which many are free, they are often held at local special schools, a nanny who is keen to learn would be worth considering. Total communication courses are also run at special needs schools and many are happy for nannies and parents to attend.
cool2care is another agency that may be able to help, but they tend to place carers with older children I think.

GoodDaysBadDays Thu 09-Jun-11 17:10:13

I advertised on Gumtree and (shhh) Netmums. I had quite a good response, the two I whittled it down to over the phone were from gumtree.

Just found out about cool2care this week Dan it sounds a good scheme cool2care

Do you have access to a speech therapist? Ours was great at finding free courses for dh and our nanny to attend

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