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Nanny insurance

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confuseddotcodotuk Tue 07-Jun-11 22:50:15

Just a quick one, what would you recommend? The only know I know anything about is MortonMichel which I'm under the impression is the bog standard nanny insurance that most people get?

What things should I be looking for in the fine print of these policies?

fraktious Tue 07-Jun-11 23:54:02

Look at their take on other paperwork you need to have eg accident forms or permission to administer medication. Just read everything very closely and make sure you comply with everything.

There's NCMA - they insist on OFSTED registration - and Namnyinsure, or you can go through a broker to get a tailored policy, but I personally recommend MM.

confuseddotcodotuk Wed 08-Jun-11 09:02:47

Thank you, I haven't had a chance to look through it properly yet and didn't know that they like nannies to have accident forms!

nannynick Wed 08-Jun-11 09:46:05

Morton Michel - Nanny Policy: Summary

Only forms I know of that MM insist on are written permission for medication and for the use of trampolines/bouncycastles/swimming pool at the home.

One thing that may differ between companies, though I've not looked into it, is how many children they will insure. Max children on the MM Nanny policy is 6 at any one time.

confuseddotcodotuk Wed 08-Jun-11 10:11:02

Thanks nannynick, I'm reading that atm smile It took me a while to find, kept skimming over it blush

Is it mainly a case of getting written permission for a bit of everything just to cover bases?

cjbessex Wed 08-Jun-11 13:17:12

Hope you don't mind me butting it.. am I right in assuming that you're a parent?

It's just that I contacted my home insurance when we first got our nanny, and they confirmed that as 'our employee', our nanny is covered under the terms of my standard home insurance policy.. in terms of liability etc. if the nanny is injured whilst at our home or carrying out her duties.

What cover does actual Nanny insurance give you, in case I'm missing something I should have!!!

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 08-Jun-11 14:00:21

nanny insurance is basically to cover the nanny when looking after children in her care

if they had an accident and needed 24hr care for rest of life/break something very valuable etc then the parents would 'sue' the nanny and the insurance would hopefully pay out

as always with insurance, tlil you need to claim, you never know how good they are

fraktious Wed 08-Jun-11 14:12:06

Confused is a nanny. Don't worry - your employer's liability sounds fine.

Insurance for nannies is protection in case a child has an accident for which nanny is liable and covers legal help and any settlement.

nannynick Wed 08-Jun-11 15:08:44

If the family have a swimming pool, trampoline or bouncycastle in their garden, then get written permission for that.
If you need to be giving any prescription medication, get something for that on each occasion. Log all occasions when you administer medication be it prescription or non-prescription (such as using the back of a nanny diary) such as dosage, time, child to whom given.
If you will be caring for a child who needs tube feeding, then there are additional conditions in the policy - ask MM for policy details.

If using your own car for work, then you need additional cover... MM can arrange that for you as well via their Motor insurance department.

confuseddotcodotuk Wed 08-Jun-11 15:51:31

cjb: I'm a nanny I'm afraid! The nanny insurance covers us rather than parents, blondes and frak explained it well smile I was planning on getting nanny insurance anyway, I just never looked into the detail of it before blush MM looks like it'd cover my needs though, along with their contents insurance for my possessions as I have a couple of expensive items that I could use insurance for!

No pool but they have alittle climbing frame and an area at the back of their garden with swings and bits so I'll make sure I get written permission for those. I didn't realise that I'd need it for each type of medication so I'll print off some forms for those. Would Medication name, child's name, details of administration, frequency and duration be enough? Do I need any more info for that?

I was looking at the motor insurance bit, I wouldn't be using my car and would be driving theirs, from what I understand I can get extra cover on MM insurance to cover me whilst I drive their car too? And that it goes hand-in-hand with the family adding me to their policy?

Thanks for the help so far smile

nannynick Wed 08-Jun-11 16:18:00

Sounds like a child in your care may have an ongoing medical need... so for that child I would do a sheet of A4 paper (probably create something using a spreadsheet) which listed the care plan - so each medication name, quantity, frequency that sort of thing at the top as a reminder of their current medication needs. Then under that have each medication listed in time order... so you are writing against each the time of the dose and signing against each medication you give them.
Does that make sense? You need a way to record which medications you have given, dosage and when it was given.
Depending on how much medication you would be giving them during the day, you may find the sheet will have space on it for a couple of days worth, or a weeks worth. Keep a file of the sheets - A4 ring binder. It's YOUR record not the parents... so take it with you when you leave the job. Parents can request a copy if they so wished.

confuseddotcodotuk Wed 08-Jun-11 16:48:20

Oh it wasn't specific to this job really, just in general smile But I may adapt your suggestion of a spreadsheet format for use of normal medication smile

confuseddotcodotuk Thu 16-Jun-11 16:39:13

Bumping as I've just gone to get insurance with MM and they refused it! It told me to call or wait for a call, I called and nobody answered.

are there any other companies that do insurance policies?

confuseddotcodotuk Thu 16-Jun-11 16:51:43

Oh, and I'm writing out a form for nannyinsure atm but will have to wait a few days to find out...

fraktious Thu 16-Jun-11 16:58:43

Why did they refuse? Sometimes they do online due to age but are okay if you call. Worth calling back.

nannynick Thu 16-Jun-11 20:15:55

Age wise you should be ok. They are usually good about answering the phone, perhaps you tried at a bad time. Try calling again, or emailing

Insurers can refuse to provide cover, wouldn't have thought it happens often though. It's more likely an issue with something completed on the form which means they require more information, or perhaps a payment issue if it got as far as taking card details.

confuseddotcodotuk Fri 17-Jun-11 10:29:38

Lack of experience as I haven't got two years as a nanny only one but another year min of other experience with kids and no qualification, they want one or the other and I'm starting my second job as a nanny and my level 3 now sad

I'll call again as MM seems to be one of the better policies. it was an auto-refusal from their website...

fraktious Fri 17-Jun-11 10:49:59

I got insurance with them first job, age 18, no qualification, no real experience - only summer jobs. They should be fine on the phone.

Would they count CYPOP5?

nannynick Fri 17-Jun-11 11:11:38

What about other childcare experience like babysitting - is that not childcare experience?

confuseddotcodotuk Fri 17-Jun-11 11:30:22

I spoke to them on the phone and she's sending me some forms to fill in that go into more detail. The website form states that it's two years experience as a nanny, not in a childcare position so I ticked no, as I have a year as a nanny, six months as an instructor, around 6 months to a years worth of voluntary positions and babysitting.

CYPOP5 doesn't count, I asked about that. But the woman on the phone thinks I have a better chance as I am starting the level 3 asap and because I have the first aid.

Thanks for the quick help!

Calgary99 Mon 18-Jul-11 10:56:00

I'm a bit confused - would the nanny or the hiring parent take out the nanny insurance?

fraktious Mon 18-Jul-11 11:13:28

There are 2 types of insurance to do with nannies.

Nanny insurance, discussed here, is taken out by the nanny. It needs to be paid for by the nanny as the nanny is the one who would need to claim on it and the employers are potential beneficiaries if any payout.

The employing parents need employers liability insurance to cover someone working in their home, like cjbessex has.

Calgary99 Mon 18-Jul-11 12:18:38

Thank you fraktious -not all neuron's firing these days due to lack of sleep from new twins.

fraktious Mon 18-Jul-11 12:33:59

smile congratulations!

And you're doing well to be forming coherent questions, let alone grasping the intricacies of insurance!

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