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Nanny's baby is ill, she cant come tomorrow do I still pay?

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Primrose8 Tue 07-Jun-11 20:01:13

Our Nanny brings her son with her to work however this week he is ill and she cant come. Do I pay her? In our contract she has standard sick pay covered but we havent covered this situation. Any thoughts?

cinpin Tue 07-Jun-11 20:09:16

I do not think you should pay her, I used to take my children to work and i never got paid if they were ill. There is a good chance of children getting sick this might not be a one off.

RibenaBerry Tue 07-Jun-11 20:11:12

No - unless you've specifically agreed to do so or want to (in the latter case, I'd make it clear that it's this time, not a general rule), you don't have to pay her. She's legally entitled to 'reasonable time off' unpaid for family emergencies, which would normally be a day or two.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 07-Jun-11 23:05:27

did you not discuss this at interview?

will she have time off everytime her dc is ill?

what is they are a sickly child?

what will you do for childcare?

is your boss flexible enough for you to take a few days off here and there?

but no,you dont pay her

cjbessex Wed 08-Jun-11 13:12:49

We had this situation recently with our nanny and the other posters are quite right; you are not legally obliged to pay her.

We did however give our nanny half pay, as she is extremely reliable normally, and has put herself out for us on a couple of occasions which we value - therefore wanted to maintain good terms. We did express that it was a one off gesture though, as we had to pay for a cover nanny in her absence.

LibbyLou123 Wed 08-Jun-11 13:17:22

I don't think you should pay her if her own child is ill and she doesn't come to work, however, if it says in your contract that she gets paid when she is ill.......she may just start lying to you and telling you that she is ill, (not her child) so that she still gets paid.

harrietthespook Wed 08-Jun-11 14:02:33

that was my thought exactly LibbyLou. It would be a pain to have to go down the road of having to do things like ask for doctor's notes to prove she is really sick if she starts having lots of time off which you SUSPECT could be happening when it's her DC who's sick.

Did you agree a discount with her as she was bringing her child? Or is she on the normal nanny rate? If you agreed the normal nanny rate she needs to be finding someone else to look after her child, in my opinion, or not get paid if she can't come in to look after yours.

But really I would put this all in the contract. It really is a very important point to get straight. Is she still in the probation period.

eastmidlandsnightnanny Wed 08-Jun-11 21:00:00

i work for the nhs and we get 5 days paid carers leave a year and another 5 days carers leave paid at managers discrection and then any additional carers leave unpaid - anything from family member dying, funerals, family crisis, ill family member etc etc comes under that.

Perhaps have a meeting when she returns to work to make an amendment to her contract to add in when she takes leave for her child's sickness 'x' number of days will be paid at 'x' rate or will be unpaid- whatever you agree and as a gesture of good will offer her 1/2 pay or perhaps offer her full pay and she makes the hrs up in babysitting??

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