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cedar12 Tue 07-Jun-11 17:54:37

Do you charge for meals? If so how much. New to this not sure whats the going rate, Thanks

CharlieCoCo Tue 07-Jun-11 19:10:09

charge who?

5318008 Tue 07-Jun-11 19:17:26

you need to decide how to pitch to prospective parents - yes I charge £xxx for meals/no I don't provide meals but I provide healthy snacks

work out the time it would take you to prepare x number of meals per day, can you afford the time?

think about what your USP would be - home cooking? organic? italian? this kind of thing

work out the costs - would it be worth your while money-wise? you might be better off offering healthy snacks and requesting parents send packed lunch in the current climate

cedar12 Tue 07-Jun-11 19:33:22

Sorry meant to say i am a childminder. Maybe the healthy snack option would be better.

5318008 Tue 07-Jun-11 19:42:46

I pitch it that the parents have control over what their child has for their main meals, and offer healthy snacks, works well for my setting

You still have to register as a food business if you so much as slice a banana

thebody Tue 07-Jun-11 20:29:45

I include meals and snacks in the hourly rate, so if a child is here at 12 noon they get lunch and after 4 they get dinner .. you can set it as a business expense for inland revenue though...

I claim lunch at £2.00 and dinner at £3.50.. snacks at £1.00 day.. oh and dont forget to claim for milk entitlement. bit of a faff but worth it.

registering as a food business is easy. just a phone call and fill in a form... but its worth taking a food hygine course for Ofsted benefit.. can be done online for a fee..

TwistAndShout Tue 07-Jun-11 22:06:26

I'm the same as thebody. Meals are included in hourly rate.

Similar expenses for inland revenue too.

HSMM Wed 08-Jun-11 07:21:46

I used to charge separately for meals, but invoicing was such a faff - refunding days the child wasn't here, or missed lunch, etc. I raised my hourly rate, to be all inclusive and claim back my tax on £2.50 per day for food in my tax return.

cedar12 Wed 08-Jun-11 11:33:11

Thanks everyone

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