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child didnt come today and Mum didnt let me know!

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woahthere Mon 06-Jun-11 23:03:21

Supposed to look after a little one 8 - 1 today. Didnt show by 8.45 so I sent a reply. Still didnt arrive by 9.15 so sent another reply. They didnt show up at all and I had no text or call. I know they went away for the weekend and it looks like noone is home (they live really close) she has done similar thing to me before and despite my protestations she still keeps doing it and it drives me batty, but then she always says something like Oh I thought you could have the day off, and then I feel bad for saying anything, but the thing is...she doesnt tell me Im having a day off so how am I supposed to relax because sometimes Im supposed to have her all day but then she will arrive at 2 in the afternoon! Weird. And annoying. And rude!

HSMM Tue 07-Jun-11 07:41:48

It's just rudeness. The amount of times I have waited in for the 'last' child, with all the other children desperate to go out and then the last child never turns up ... I no longer wait in, I just send a text saying, we are at X place until Y time.

Your plans would have been completely different for the day if you had known in advance. You need to find a way to explain to them that although you are happy for them to come late, or not at all (I hope you are paid), they really need to let you know.

Danthe4th Tue 07-Jun-11 09:14:01

Just make sure you are always paid in advance!!

ChitChattingagain Tue 07-Jun-11 09:20:52

Set a time limit, if she's not there by then just go out and enjoy your day. If she arrives at your house later and finds you out she will have to track YOU down, not the other way around.

Octaviapink Tue 07-Jun-11 11:52:28

You certainly ought to be paid! There should be something in your contract with the parents to cover this eventuality. Do you have a policy on late pickups? You could adapt it to cover late or nonexistent dropoffs (and get the parent to sign it).

Mum2Luke Tue 07-Jun-11 12:54:42

I have a parent who does this, sometimes (very rarely) she will let me know but making plans in the holidays are a complete nightmare. I have told her we are going out for the day tomorrow and I want paying today so I can book the tickets.

Some parents can be so selfish and she is one - I could not believe she was trying to ask me to reduce my fees because she isn't paid enough and then wanted me to feed the child tea, I told her I am sorry but I charge that to cover food, outings and fuel for the week take it or leave it basically.

pollywollyhadadollycalledmolly Tue 07-Jun-11 13:11:16

I have in my policies that if you do not show up and no contact is made within an hour, i will contact you. If i cannot reach you i will then contact the contact you put down as emergency contact, if i cannot reach them or they have no idea about what is going on then i will contact Social services, scma and the CC.

Tough but its in my policies and i explain to parents thats what happens if they do not contact me. needless to say no one has ever done that to me.

thebody Tue 07-Jun-11 13:47:04

shes a bit dippy of course and its very annoying but its all part of dealing with different types of parents isnt it??

just make sure she pays you for 'her day off'.. personally if i hadnt heard off parent and they didnt reply to my text i would assume they not coming and go out!!! AS LONG AS YOU ARE PAID then you can shrug it off.. dopey mare..

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