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Term time only questions

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hophophippidtyhop Sun 05-Jun-11 21:23:10

I have 2 dd's starting at a childminders in september, dd1 is starting school mornings only till dec, and dd2 will be 1. I'm planning on dropping off at 8, and picking up at 5, with dd2 there all day and dd1 before and after school for only 1 day a week.
My question is, how usual is it to have term time only and how does it usually work payment wise? Do childminders hate it? The childminder I found has not done a school age child before, so I was going to pay for the space during the holidays. I thought that as myself/sister or grandparents would be looking after dd1 in holidays, I would more than likely take dd2 out of childcare so they are together. She is a lovely woman who I don't want to offend, but don't know how to approoach it! I am signing contracts tomorrow.

HSMM Mon 06-Jun-11 07:40:07

Some CMs do term time only and others don't. Just ask your CM if she is prepared to do a term time only contract, but be aware that your space might not be available in the holidays if you want it.

nannynick Mon 06-Jun-11 09:48:02

The childminder decides on the terms of the contract not you, so it's entirely up to the childminder as to what they do with regard to a term-time only place.

Would DD2 also be term-time only? Maybe have DD2's place as all year round, so during holidays DD1 could have individual time to spend with you (or a relative).

Strix Mon 06-Jun-11 19:21:35

I have a term time only contract for my DS2 (now 5 months). We have an au pair and two school age children. So the au pair takes everyone to the school gate. The older two head to their classrooms and DS2 goes with the childminder. Childminder then brings DS2 back to gate when it's time to collect the older two. This means au pair has the day off and just does morning and evening on Tues - Fri.

And this is what I have agreed with my childminder. (note this is an agreement which has resulted from a negotiation, and not just whatever the childminder dictated. A childminding contract is an agreement. So just have a friendly chat and see what she is prepared to accept)

Okay, mine says:
I pay for the hours used (not the whole day), 9:00 - 3:15
I pay for bank hols that fall in term time
I pay any time we don'e show up (baby sick, we run off on hol, etc.)
Term time is determined by the school calendar
I do not pay for her hols
I do not pay her any sick pay (i.e. when she is unavailable to work)
I provide nappies.
She provides food and pays for any activities.

There is a lot here I don't pay for. But I pay a fairly high hourly rate. So look at your complete package when you consider the costs. e.g. a lower hourly rate where you pay for half her hols could be cheaper in the long run.

hophophippidtyhop Mon 06-Jun-11 19:51:10

Thanks for the advice. Strix, that is what I have signed for only not term time. I figured it was only one day a week, plus it is reviewable later next year. ( plus I'm a silly moo who feels bad about reducing her paid hours). I did also think that like Nannynick has said, it may be best if dd2 is year round with the option of taking her out, as summer holidays would be too bigger gap.

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