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Does anyone have any idea where I should train to become a EY assessor?

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Numberfour Wed 01-Jun-11 14:29:34

I am thinking of training to do assessing and lecturing, but I am not sure where to go for that.
Any ideas?


nannynick Wed 01-Jun-11 15:11:55

Looking at a job ad for an NVQ Accessor, looks like you need to do A1/D32/D33 Assessing qualification, plus then have at least level 3 qualification in childcare.

Think that sort of thing is offered via private companies these days, such as CSR Training.

How about contacting a college which does the Diploma for the children and young peoples workforce course and see if they are able to tell you what training accessors need to do to be able to access that course... perhaps Brooklands College?

Numberfour Wed 01-Jun-11 15:27:47

Thanks a million, nannynick.
I have emailed CSR and will ring Brooklands in a bit. I will also ask my lecturer once class starts again after half term.

I had called another company whose details I found online but I am not sure of their credentials. I think it would be a better option to go for a recommended institution rather than a fly by nighter!

nannynick Wed 01-Jun-11 15:33:16

I agree, see if you can get someone from a college to recommend a training company. Some colleges may even run their own courses, I just can't see it being listed in their course search.

Numberfour Wed 01-Jun-11 15:49:09

I have left a message for Brooklands to ring me back. thanks again! I appreciate your help!

Lizcat Wed 01-Jun-11 16:04:29

D32 and D33 are qualifications which are no longer avaliable. To train to be an A1 assessor (NVQ4 in your field) you need to be in a position to have a minimum of two NVQ students that you have at least 2 days contact with per week for you to be able to complete your portfolio and have completed the A1 assessors course that is run by many local colleges.

Numberfour Wed 01-Jun-11 19:02:03

Thanks, Lizcat. I rang a private training company that my LA CM officer referred me to and the trainer explained the procedure to me with respect to being in contact with people training for their NVQ. Would you be able to refer to me to site where you obtained that info please?

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