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Lovethesea Tue 31-May-11 16:35:30

I've just applied for a PT job, 15 hours a week.

I've a DD (2 and half) and DS (11 months).

IF I can find someone with space for both - how do you normally arrange holiday weeks, would I need to pay a retainer those weeks?

Are most childminders able to receive the childcare vouchers and why would someone not use that scheme? Just too much paperwork or something else? (I'm hoping to persuade the job to offer me 16 hours if I get it so I can qualify for credits)

Would you have minimum hours/days per week you'd take children on? The 15 hours will probably be over 3 days.

I know it varies but I'm just trying to get a rough picture....


thebody Tue 31-May-11 17:28:08

all cms are so different its difficult. all are self employed so set own rules on all aspects of the setting from hours to holidays..

yes most cms love vouchers as its an easy way to recieve payment.. and i havnt done any paperwork for these at all.. just give bank details to parents and they do the rest..

when you talk about holidays it depends on how long you take off.. are you a teacher?? i charge full price for parents holidays but no charge for mine.. same as sickness...

Lovethesea Tue 31-May-11 19:45:58

No, not a teacher so it would probably be 4-5 weeks annual holiday I would've thought.

Glad to hear vouchers are ok.

Jasbro Thu 02-Jun-11 20:38:33

Childminders are usually a good option if you work part time. I'm a childminder and in my area it seems unusual for a parent to want full time care - so I am mixing and matching parents with part time needs. It really depends on how busy minders are in your area as to how flexible they might be. Whereabouts are you?

sandym3g Mon 06-Jun-11 11:21:48

I childmind with my husband and the way we work is that we don't charge for holidays on either part and we are happy to work with flexiable hours. Anything from 2 hours up a week. You may find that because there is 2 that some childminders have a sibling rate. We do. As for vouchers we are happy with them. We are in the Twickenham area if that is where you are looking.

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