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How much does a live in Nanny cost?

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Hooliaaa Mon 30-May-11 18:23:00

I'm trying to work out the best childcare option for when I go back to work early next year. I'm horrified at how expensive nurseries are in London and also the restricted opening hours could be a problem with my job and unreliable commute. Is a live in Nanny cheaper than a live out one? And what's the going rate?


nannynick Mon 30-May-11 18:39:29

Live Out Nanny Costs

A live-in nanny will be cheaper in terms of salary but they need a room to stay in, so the cost of buying a house with sufficient room so that nanny can have their own room, it could be a huge cost.

So do you want a cost analysis excluding the cost of providing that extra room?

How much for extra food and utilities - this may be helpful in helping determine some of the associated costs.

In Feb, JinxyCat gave costs that they are paying their Live-in Nanny here £454 gross per week (in London).

nannynick Mon 30-May-11 19:19:46

Having a quick look on NannyJob full-time live in jobs in London seem to be around the £375-£522 gross per week / £300-£400 net per week mark. That's annual cost to employer of £21,250 - £29,976 based on the person having a 747L tax code.

Hooliaaa Tue 31-May-11 17:47:08

Wow. Thanks nannynick - indeed we've already budgeted for the cost of the room, I just wanted to know how much that contributes to the nanny salary. Hmmmm. Also looking expensive. I think we're going to have to take the expense hit, I guess it's possibly only for a couple of years...

Katy1368 Tue 31-May-11 18:28:00

Hoolia - I employed a live in nanny for a year in London and paid her £250 per week gross. Obviously she had a bedroom of her own. We were able to give own bathroom and living room with a shared kitchen but I believe that is optional and the minimum is own bedroom basically. I know the rates per week vary on where you live in London - we are not in a very "fashionable" part and if you live in West london or similar rates might be much higher. Of course you had to factor in extra costs - extra gas costs for heating/hot water and we provided food also. I got her through advertising on Gumtree and actually she was fantastic and very experienced. I work irregular hours and it was good as I didn't have to worry about feeding DD breakfast or dressing her to get to a nursery, some mornings she was still asleep and I just handed a baby monitor over to her! The flexibility was great too and she didn't mind a bit of babysitting evcen on her off nights (helped that DD was a good sleeper!!)

I employ a live out nanny now and actually pay her about £1300 a month gross - not that much more although she was a lot cheaper as she had less experience than my first nanny - but has prooved to be equally good.

In summary it has been fantastic in terms of flexibility if you have unreliable hours and a commute and I truly feel if you get the right person you can't beat the one to one attention and the fact they get to stay in their own house, nap in their own cot etc-

mranchovy Tue 31-May-11 18:31:18

Live-in rates generally £75-£150 lower than live out, although it is usual for live-ins to have access to a car or (in London) a travel card which wipes out a lot of the difference.

Katy1368 Tue 31-May-11 19:10:04

Must say my nanny didn't have access to a car but then she didn't drive! The decision to give her access depends on whether or not you are happy for him/her to drive your child and how accessable your house is to the tube (mine is very near) We did give her an oyster and a monthly expenses float but she just topped her oyster up with the appropriate amount for whatever trip she was taking with DD and for her own trips into town put money on herself.

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