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Does permitted cm space include kitchen?

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Smilingshrew Sun 29-May-11 13:05:12

Please could you tell me whether the permitted floorspace includes free kitchen space if the child will be going in the kitchen?
Thank you

nannynick Sun 29-May-11 14:15:02

No it does not include Kitchen space. May depend on if it's a kitchen diner though but if it's a kitchen diner then there would be a table taking up a lot of space I would expect.

EYFS Framework (May 2008)
Calculations of available indoor space should be based on the net or useable areas of the rooms used by the children (that is, not including storage areas, thoroughfares, dedicated staff areas, cloakrooms, utility rooms, kitchens and toilets).

Tanith Tue 31-May-11 15:24:56

I think the detail is in that "usable areas" bit. My playroom used to be my kitchen before I extended. I used to block the oven off with the table and it was by far the biggest room in the house. This arrangement passed two OFSTED inspections.
So I think it may depend on the use the child will be getting from the kitchen. If it's a large kitchen with one end used as a family room or similar, as mine was, it should be included. If there's scarcely room to swing a cat (or open an oven door), then I would think not.

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