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Will I be able to find a childminder just to do a school run?

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EBDteacher Fri 27-May-11 20:37:34

When my DS starts in his nursery class I am going to have real problems in the mornings. I'm a teacher and need to be in my own school at 8ish, so ideally I'm going to need a childminder from 7.45am local to his school who will be able to drop him into nursery at 9am.

Do you think I will be able to find someone who will do this for me? A small amount of research suggests that most childminders only work from 8am onwards. Dropping off at this time would not allow me to get to work (which is half an hour commute from home).

I know I need to do more local research- I just wondered if anybody had this sort of arrangement with a childminder or if the childminders out there considered this to be possible?


mamamaisie Fri 27-May-11 21:01:58

Most childminders I know, me included, would be happy to start at 7.45am. I think the main problem would be that a nursery aged child is going to be taking up an under 5 place. Childminders are allowed a maximum of 3 children under 5 at any one time, including their own. Two of my own children fall into this age group so I only have 1 under 5 place available. I would not be willing to take on a child in this age group for a school run only. Financially it just doesn't make sense. Most parents need to drop off before 9am so your child would effectively be taking up a full time space for very little money. You might get lucky and find someone who already has an under 5 arriving after 9am who could slot your ds in. So worth asking around!

I am assuming that you don't need to the childminder to collect the child after nursery as you haven't mentioned anything about this.

MUM2BLESS Fri 27-May-11 21:06:32

Hi EBDteacher smile

How many days a week?

Its a tricky one as every childminder is given the amount of children which they can look after under the age of 8. Some childminders prefer full time some do not mind before and after school.

If the childminder has to drop off and pick up your child they may have to charge you even though your child is a nursery as a place has been taken up by your child, whcih they cannot fill, as they may need to collect your child in the event of the school closing etc.

It is possible to find a childminder who would do this,.

My hours are 07.30 until 18.00 hrs. I am fairly flexible inbetween.

I do before and after school, full time and also term time, and emergency.

All the best in your looking !!!

poopnscoop Sat 28-May-11 13:40:48

I and other CMs I know do have early starts. My standard hours are 8-6... but I often work before and much later than this. Worth phoning around smile

cjbartlett Sat 28-May-11 13:42:54

Choose a school with a breakfast club
that's what we did

eastmidlandsnightnanny Sun 29-May-11 12:51:32

All the childminders we looked at started at 7.30am some charged a slighter higher rate before 8am but nothing astronomical!! You may find a min charge of 3hrs apply's though.

Have you considered a nanny with own child who maybe willing to do 7.30-9.30am you would prob be looking to pay £10 an hr for this and may seem expensive at £20 per morning.

Does nursery not open earlier than 9am and you pay for extra time? I know few nurseries we looked at said 8-6 opening but then had option of pay extra for 7.30am start (was quite a hefty charge for extra 30mins though)

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