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ideas for children of various ages.

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MUM2BLESS Wed 25-May-11 19:37:57

I care for children of various ages from 18 mths to 10 years.

Play dough and logo seem to go down a treat. What else would you recommend?

The kids also do lots of drawing too.

Thanks for your help, in advance.

5318008 Wed 25-May-11 19:53:15

I've had great success doing story mapping:

choose a story (Dear Zoo for eg)

get a big piece of paper, all can take part in drawing a simple map* of the story ie Zoo, arrows/feet to Elephant, arrows/feet to Monkey, arrows feet to Snake, arrows/feet to Puppy, arrows/feet to Home. Use laminated pics and velcro for Elephant/Monkey/Snake/Puppy placements

All learn the story, with actions for the animals, then get the children to retell the story using the laminated pics and. Extend with props, books, DVDs, dancing/music, do Zoo snacks, visit the Zoo if you like. Because you all learn the story and use actions it's v inclusive (no reading necc apart from you the CM as you teach the DC) the non-verbal children can learn the actions

You can really see vertical age range working, with the older ones taking leadership positions and guiding the younger ones

sorry it's so long blush

*have a go at drawing the map on your own first to get the idea

MUM2BLESS Fri 27-May-11 22:25:24


You are very creative, thank you so much.

The kids also enjoy moonsand with utensils etc.

candr Thu 02-Jun-11 13:32:16

Cornflour and water (goop), body painting (feet etc) on large piece of paper. Art attacks outside and then take pictures from above. Team games with mixed age teams. Treasure hunts (write a list of things they need to find and points for each one found, muuch easier than writing clues), walks with a carrier bag that they collect interesting things in to make a collage with when you get back. Writing stories, general arts and crafts.....

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