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Farewell lovely nanny - nearly 4 years with us <weep>

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foxinsocks Fri 20-May-11 19:16:40

I don't expect replies to this but today I had to say goodbye to our lovely nanny <sob>. She is off to have her second child (had her first when she was with us).

She loves my dcs so much - and my dcs love her and her ds.

4 years, not one day off sick, she never once let us down - never. If it hadn't been for her, I doubt dh and I would ever have managed as well as we did. Our eldest dc is off to secondary school and we will all miss her terribly.

Ode to all lovely, long standing nannies grin

maidbloke Fri 20-May-11 19:23:16

> 4 years, not one day off sick

Wow, what a fantastic nanny she sounds! I feel your pain.

<raises beer> wink

foxinsocks Fri 20-May-11 19:25:14

thanks maidbloke!

<cheers, hic>

Strix Fri 20-May-11 20:03:26

aww... nice to see happy endings.

<raises beer>

Here's to keeping in touch.

Grabaspoon Fri 20-May-11 20:06:26

Are you replacing her? It sounds like big boots to fill but also very lucky to have a nice employer like you.

foxinsocks Fri 20-May-11 20:17:01

thanks everyone <sob>

yes, we're replacing her with someone who covered her first maternity leave. Lovely lady, totally and completely different but still lovely.

have a feeling dd will have her wrapped round her little finger argh but we'll see! ;-)

thinkingaboutschools Fri 20-May-11 21:18:53

Great nannies are worth their weight in gold. I totally sympathise with you... they become one of the family

HappyAsIAm Tue 24-May-11 09:54:57

A great, as opposed to a good, nanny makes such a difference to your life, doesn't it. Our nanny has made herself indispensable, to the extent that i am seriously considering having another child so that we would be able to keep her on when DS goes to school!

She must have valued you too, to have done such a good job over 4 years.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 24-May-11 13:42:15

so nice you appreciate her fox as sure she does to you smile

my guys will hopefully miss me when i go, been here 5years

agree a fab nanny is worth her weight in gold (or his weight nick)

StillSquiffy Tue 24-May-11 15:29:37

I feel for you, OP. I had to let my lovely (4yr) nanny go when I stopped working recently, although she still does one drop off every week just to say hi to the kids.

She has a new family but they don't seem to trust her yet and she's finding it terribly hard. I feel like phoning the family up and yelling at them down the phone that they need to appreciate her more.

Strix Tue 24-May-11 15:41:10

" I feel like phoning the family up and yelling at them down the phone that they need to appreciate her more."

I know that feeling!

Page62 Wed 25-May-11 08:28:05

i had a fab nanny for four years in london too and let her go when we moved to kent -- been without her for a year....
but now she is coming back to live with us again and i decided i will keep her till the kids are 18 and then she can look after me!

Heathcliffscathy Thu 26-May-11 12:36:56

HOW did you find her foxy??

LittleOneMum Thu 26-May-11 15:21:10

Oh,bless how lovely. Sad to hear that, but lucky you for having the same one for so long!

candr Thu 02-Jun-11 13:04:48

Hopefully she will stay in contact. I worked for my family for 4 years too. I was not looking to become part of a family but they really became one. I still see thhem a lot and the kids come and stay with me in the holidys etc, the eldest loves having a 'substitute cool auntie' to visit when her family get a bit much and the m um and I are really close. They are all excited about me having my own baby in a few months and were bridesmaids at my wedding. It is a precious relationship and I hope you get to keep that with yours

clare21 Thu 02-Jun-11 22:30:50

Oh I so feel for you. I feel as if I am still in mourning for my nanny, who left us to go back home to Turkey in March. She joined us when our DTs were 9 months old, and now they're 7 1/2. It felt, and feels, like such a loss. I don't think I really realised how much we all loved her and how much we liked her, at all levels. We have Skyped and I felt like crying seeing her and the view from her window in Istanbul. So hope we stay in touch with her like you have candr.

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