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Are nannies from Australia and New Zealand as popular as they were a few years back?

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nannynick Sun 15-May-11 20:48:42

A few years back I remember there being quite a lot of nannies in the UK from Australia and New Zealand. These days I don't seem to come across as many... might just be my area, so wondering if you have also noticed any difference.

The change in immigration rules I suspect may have made a difference, as I think those who didn't have British Nationality would enter as a Working Holidaymaker. Now they have to come in on the Youth Mobility Scheme.

KiwiOz agency seems to be listing jobs all over the world now, not just the UK - have they always done that, or is that a change do you think since the visa situation changed.

mrswishywashy Mon 16-May-11 08:38:09

I think that there are less of us than when I arrived from NZ six years ago. I'm in Central London and there are a majority Filipinos/Eastern European nannies.

I do expect it is to do with the change of visa scheme (lucky I have an English mother) - I do feel sad that many of us who are trained and experienced will find it hard to work in the UK.

Kiwioz have always done positions overseas.

Strix Mon 16-May-11 16:09:15

Yes, I would now not consider a kiwi/oz nanny and I would have on the old holiday maker scheme. IT's too much hassle and responsibility now, especially when I have the whole of the EU on my doorstep. But, the biggest change here for me is no more Canadians sad.

frakyouveryverymuch Mon 16-May-11 16:36:50

I don't see why it's more hassle? They apply independently anyway with the national government as a sponsor and once they're here it's no different to employing anyone else.

I'd be more inclined to think they've been pushed out by EU expansion.

Strix Mon 16-May-11 19:40:03

I don't think so, Frak. I think, unlike the oliday maker scheme, you now sponsor them to come into the country. And that is the bit that I'm not prepared to take on. An EU citizen just gets on a plane and there's no paperwork for me to sign.

I haven't looked into it for a few years. So, I may be wrong. Feel free to enlighten me if I am.

frakyouveryverymuch Mon 16-May-11 20:39:41

UKBA says it's still the national govt. Under the WHV you weren't 'supposed' to have a job lined up but now you can so it's actually better for employers. I'm 99% certain you don't need a UK sponsor, otherwise they'd have restricted work rights tied to one specific employment but they can seek almost any employment.

nannynick Mon 16-May-11 21:00:38

I can't see any sponsor details being needed on VAF9 or PBS Appendix 7 (Youth Mobility Scheme)
There is mention though in Guidance about NHS treatment for which to get free treatment in the first 12 months, they have to be employed. So in the event of them going to hospital, the employer I presume would need to write something to confirm they are employed (or maybe they just need to show a payslip).

Strix Mon 16-May-11 21:32:53

So, they enter the country and are approved to come work for me without any involvment whatsoever from me? If that's true I guess I've been writing them off in error. I'm sure I read (back when the visas changed) that a sponsor would be required. But, perhaps what I read was not right... or it has changed.

SuperDuperJezebel Mon 16-May-11 21:37:48

I wrote a long reply earlier but my phone seems to have swallowed it...

Can I just say that not all of us are here on the Youth Mobility Scheme. Im a Kiwi nanny and I 'got in' on an Ancestry Visa, 10 years ago. After 4 years I applied for and was granted Permanent Residency, with Indefinite Leave to Remain. I've met more than a few Kiwis who were fortunate to be able to do the same, so dont discount all of us without checking what our visa status is first.

I'm currently job hunting at the moment and I cant honestly say whether my nationality has been a help or a hindrance, but I'm lucky enough to have a lot of experience within nannying so perhaps those who might be otherwise concerned about it have been persuaded to meet me by my dazzling CV! (please note tongue in cheek). I cant count the number of times i've been asked how long i'm planning on staying in the UK, and many people seem surprised when I say 'forever' so perhaps there is an assumption many of us are not in it for the long haul. I however know when i've got a good thing going!

SuperDuperJezebel Mon 16-May-11 21:38:50

Strix from what/who I know, no sponsor is required smile

nannynick Mon 16-May-11 21:40:48

Maybe thing have changed, or that the forms have been redesigned specifically for YMS rather than other categories. Doesn't look to me as though employer details are requested on the VAF9 or Appendix 7, unless I missed it (I did quickly scan through the documents).

frakyouveryverymuch Tue 17-May-11 00:33:07

In theory any foreign national (non EU, because EU citizens are entitled to reciprocal healthcare) wishing to access the NHS needs to show proof of employment or student status.

Lots of peoplecomee on the YMS without having secured a job first, which would be impossible if you needed a sponsor.

KiwiOz Wed 27-Jul-11 22:53:56

Hi Everyone, it's Rachel here from KiwiOz. Just to clarify for you all, the Youth Mobility Visa has actually opened up work restrictions which previously existed under the Working Holiday Visa.

The WHV was a two year visa which restricted candidates to working for 12 months. The current Youth Mobility Visa is a two year visa which allows candidates to work for the FULL two years.

Candidates apply for the visa on their own, from their country of origin, and are issued with the visa before they leave Oz/ NZ. They are free to look for any type of work once they obtain the visa and are not restricted to one employer.

As mentioned above a large proportion of our candidates also hold British Ancestry (5 years) or British Passports.

Employers are bound to check the nanny has the appropriate visa in their passport, otherwise the usual employers responsibilities (tax and NI etc) apply.

KiwiOz is still busy sourcing experienced candidates for UK families and I am writing from Sydney right now! We're still a very small team so although we have four offices we hope we're still reaching your expectations with our service!

Thanks to all of the Mumsnet mums who've supported KiwiOz over the years, it truly is appreciated!


mranchovy Thu 28-Jul-11 09:51:19

Thanks for this - we have had good nannies from Aus and NZ in the past (1 on a WHV and 1 with ancestry). I'd like to restate one of your comments though:

Employers must inspect the nanny's passport to confirm that it appears to be genuine and contain the appropriate visa, and should keep photocopies of the appropriate pages. The usual employers responsibilities for tax and National Insurance apply and the nanny will need to apply for a National Insurance number when she starts work in the UK.

batsforlashes Fri 19-Aug-11 19:43:19

I would think that the strength of the Aussie Dollar would have a huge impact on the supply of Aussie nannies in particular. We are moving to Sydney and the cost of childcare is staggering . Anyone with any experience ie one day babysitting is charging $20 - $25 an hour - that is about £13-15. Families seem to be happy to pay this regardless of experience or age and even the minimum for an AP is $200-250 a week and frequently more so they can make more cash at home than in the UK it would seem.

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