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Nanny agency for Islington?

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N1MTB Thu 14-Apr-11 10:37:13

Hi everybody,

With huge sadness, it looks like we are going to be losing our nanny. We're moving (to Dulwich maybe...or possibly Blackheath) and have just had two asking price offers on our house. So we're going to sealed bids on Monday.

Our nanny is absolutely amazing. I cannot sing her praises highly enough and we are really upset that we are going to have to lose her. In fact, we postponed the moving decision because we think she's so brilliant. She lives in Islington and, understandably, wants a local job. She adores the children and has looked after my son since he was 6 months old - he's now just 3 and we have a daughter who is 20 months.

Anyway, the point of the post is I really want to help her find a great new job so was wondering if anybody can recommend a really good agency. I know a few friends who've had bad experiences with nannies from agencies (and the agencies), which is why I thought I'd ask on here. I know lots of London agencies will cover Islington but there are so many! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Oh yes - had better find an agency that covers South East London too so we can get a new nanny. So sad! So if anybody can recommend an agency for Dulwich/Blackheath (or a general London one they rate), that would be great too.

Thank you very much.

p.s. Am going to post on Mumsnet local too to see if anybody in Islington is looking for a nanny towards the end of the summer.

frakyouveryverymuch Thu 14-Apr-11 11:07:57

I like Imperial, Eden and Nannies Inc as a nanny, however choosing an agency is a very individual decision and doubtless someone who dislikes any or all of the above will be on here in a moment to say that they didn't get on with them!

To be honest it's a decision that only your nanny can make really, unless you can find a fab job which is going locally and put in a recommendation for her.

N1MTB Thu 14-Apr-11 11:31:40

Thank you!! I'll mention those but I agree, it's whoever she prefers really. And I'm going to do my best to find her a good job locally myself - when the time comes. I just don't want to lose her too soon!! We'll give her at least 2 months notice and she'll get redundancy pay though

BrodieCE Wed 20-Apr-11 21:50:42

I'm searching for a nanny for 4 days a week and we live in islington. Perhaps we could talk?

vinestein Wed 20-Apr-11 22:12:58

Hey me too! I work nearby, need a nanny 5 days a week (would love a nanny share)...

<hopeful pleading face> grin

cclear Fri 22-Apr-11 15:18:17

Hi there

I'm looking for a nanny/nanny share too.

I will be working in Angel and leaving somewhere in the northern line (undecided yet until I find childcare)

I would love to get in touch with your nanny or anyone else who would be interested.


airam85 Wed 22-Feb-12 10:43:01

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

nannynick Wed 22-Feb-12 12:11:40

NanniesKensington seems to charge 10% with a minimum of £900 for full-time nanny. 10% of what what is unclear, their Terms & Conditions page on their website is blank when I view it.

airam85 you have two posts on the board so far, both with links to this agency and both message threads are old. You don't work for Nannies Kensington, do you? Please read the message at the top of the board... get involved in CURRENT discussions, then the community will like you smile Currently you look like you may be a spammer.

Chesscat Thu 10-Jan-13 09:52:54

N1mtb, would you mind messaging me with the details of your islington nanny? Thanks so much

NicolaNanny1987 Fri 17-Jan-14 09:12:55

Hi I am a nanny in Islington looking after a little boy who is one years old, I am looking for another child to care for or to babysit in the islington area, I work 8am till 6.30pm, I have a NVQ level 3 in childcare a CrB check and first aid, my ema is many thanks x

BeginnerSAHM Fri 17-Jan-14 14:49:23

Hello - this is rather an old thread i started (name change!). Our nanny from 2011 is gainfully employed!

mommycool11 Tue 27-Sep-16 14:46:26

I hired a really good nanny through an agency in Angel. I've hired some in the past, but this agency seems to be professional and understanding of my requirements. They're called Hopes and Dreams Nanny and Babysitting agency.

i believe its

tiffany2307 Tue 27-Sep-16 22:21:08

Don't use Hampstead Au Pairs & Nannies. This agency called me for a reference for our current au pair who has been a disaster and was not interested at all in asking about her weaknesses and only asked about strengths. Not balanced at all and clearly just trying to shift on as many au pairs as they can!!

MrsOctober Fri 14-Jul-17 11:35:20

Don't use Hampstead Au Pairs. I have had a horrific experience with them. As previous poster says, they just want to shift as many au pairs as possible and once they've 'placed' an au pair with you, you have no comeback, they will give no refund 'under any circumstances'. The au pair they provided for me had a fabricated reference, a fictional CV and lasted a handful of days. She turned psychotic when we told her it wasn't going to work out. I shudder when I think I was going to let her look after my kids......

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