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nannies in Australia, help!

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roary Mon 04-Apr-11 15:26:35

I've posted this on living overseas and gotten some good tips, but thought perhaps there might be more direct experience here.

Looks very like we will be moving to Perth early next year and we'd like to get a nanny. We have the MOST AMAZING nanny here but sadly she can't move with us, her husband is not keen and it might be very difficult with visas anyway.

I wouldn't be at all worried if we were moving to Sydney or Melbourne but it seems from speaking to friends that nannies in Perth are very unusual. GUm tree seems to have mainly ads from au pairs/mother's helps who work part time or school pickups, and we'd need full time care.

We are obviously never going to be able to replace our amazing nanny (sniff, sniff) but we would like to get someone like her - ie, experienced, English-speaking, someone who sees it as a career and not a job to do while you are at uni. Daycare and au pairs won't work for us at this stage for a variety of reasons but au pairs might be good later on.

roary Mon 04-Apr-11 15:33:02

oops,it helps to have a question, doesn't it: my question is will we be able to find such a nanny in Perth or do we need to start reconsidering? Any good nanny agencies to recommend?

NannyBeth Mon 04-Apr-11 18:49:08

Hi there! I'm a nanny from Sydney, but I'm sure u must be able to find someone in Perth! Tbh if those are the types of jobs going, you might find that the nannies who want to build a career etc are just as wary and annoyed as you may be as an employer wink try advertising on gumtree a couple of months before u go, be prepared to do skype interviews. Also, be aware that nannies do cost more in Aust - in Sydney I was earning $20-25/hr as a temp nanny/babysitter, and $20/hr as a nanny with only 12mths nursery exp and a equivalent to level 2 qualification!

From a quick google ("nanny agency Perth") it looks like there are a couple of agencies - scroll down past the messageboards, though they may be helpful too! Can't recommend any, sorry, but if ur ever looking in Sydney I can! Haha

Other places I found work back home are gumtree, ,

Best of luck! Let us know how you get on. Feel free to ask anything else too, will keep an eye on the thread smile

MaternityNursesaregreat Mon 04-Apr-11 19:03:01

Hi Roary,
I'd love to chat with you about your position. I've been nannying throughout Europe for nearly 12years and just began maternity work last year. I've considered a return to Perth a few times but from my perspective there really isn't a true nanny concept in Australia and people there generally, look at it more like baby sitting. The role and salary (generally) in Australia are poor in comparison to the UK and Europe. Consequently I've never been able to seriously consider a return to Perth.

I am keen to consider returning home to Perth to if there was a position that is a true nanny position and paid accordingly.

As you are relocating from here, clearly knowing what a nanny is perhaps we could discuss the role.

I look forward to hearing from you.

roary Mon 04-Apr-11 19:52:59

Thanks both, that's great and very informative. Nannybeth I've looked at the nanny agencies and wasn't very impressed by several of them (one of them actually has the ads publicly visible including all sorts of details about children's names and allergies and special needs - I'd NEVER be comfortable with that and really don't think I'm that anal!) One looks pretty good and we should have some more firm news about the move tomorrow, in which case I'll call the good one and have a chat.

Maternitynurse I will PM you!

CrystalsandDiamonds Mon 04-Apr-11 22:54:58

I would be interested Roary, if it payed the tax, superannuation as so many think they can do it cash in hand which is illegal as they dont see it as a real job, but they wouldnt dream of doing that to a nursery etc.

I only have about 1yrs experiences but i give anything ago, and am studying to improve my knowledge

aussieinde Tue 05-Apr-11 06:47:25

I'm a Nanny in Perth, I think "real nanny" positions are just as uncommon here as "real" Nannys. I work in quite an affluent area and am yet to spot another Nanny. I am signed up with all the agencies, I would personally recommend you steer clear of Happy Feet but can highly recommend Perth Nanny Care. I got my current position from

Like someone else said, please pay your Nannys tax and superannuation, so many families refuse to pay this and I'm sure loose out on having the top quality nannies caring for their children. I'm quite happy in my position right now but you never know so feel free to email me at if you can't find anyone when you arrive and you never know... Or I would happily meet up with your nanny, miss having a nanny circle! Good luck!

roary Tue 05-Apr-11 12:40:56

Thanks Crystal and Aussieinde. That's very interesting and kind of what I suspected (that the market for employees and employers is not huge).

We would definitely pay tax and super, for exactly the reasons you cite (if it's a real job you pay like it's a real job!).

Aussie do you know anything about Mother Hen as an agency? Happy Feet was the one I was quite surprised about (with all the details on their site).

aussieinde Tue 05-Apr-11 13:25:33

Hi Roary,

I've only chatted onthe phone to the lady who runs Mother Hen's but they didn't have any suitable positions when I was looking. I've personally met the lady who runs Happy Feet and she has absolutely no idea about Nannying, she previously ran a clothing boutique and I think takes on just about anyone who thinks they want to be a Nanny. Leila at Perth Nanny Care however has been a Nanny before and is lovely, I'm not attached to her agency in any way other than contacting her about a position for which I interviewed for, it was offered and then a week before starting the families circumstances changed and the offer was withdrawn, Leila was so apologetic and didn't blink an eyelid when I said I was going to take a position I had found online. This to me was so unlike London agencies who can become quite rude. I think she really does go that one step further. She is also on Facebook.

Do you have an idea of which area in Perth you'll be looking to move to?

TrenchcoatvonHallhuber Tue 05-Apr-11 15:17:48

Hi Aussie
To the Western suburbs, Claremont or Subiaco (we've lived in Claremont before).

aussieinde Tue 05-Apr-11 15:52:42

Fantastic, well definitely get in touch when you arrive or if you need anything beforehand. I'm in Mt Claremont so ver close by!

roary Thu 05-May-11 14:26:01

Hello again, maternitynurse just in case you spot this - I've emailed you.

Aussie and others, thanks agian for all your help. The move is now definite, we will be there permanently in December.

Mosman Wed 31-Oct-12 13:28:27

Just wondered if roary was still around and did you find a nanny ? We are in Nedlands and struggling to find a career nanny as aposed to a babysitting uni student who wants to be paid the same.

BellaTata Thu 01-Nov-12 13:18:24

Roary Are you still looking for a nanny?

Mosman Sat 03-Nov-12 11:04:55

I am

iluvkids Sat 03-Nov-12 16:52:29

Mosman - have pm'd you

iluvkids Sat 03-Nov-12 16:55:23

Mosman - it wont let me pm you sad
can you please pm me an email address to contact you on? thanks

Mosman Sun 04-Nov-12 02:19:31

I've got the message and replied :D

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