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What does Social Services do after you contact them?

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NJE Mon 21-Mar-11 16:48:47


I have contacted Social Services last week as well as the school of one of my previous charges. I lived together with her and her mum for over two years. Mum is an alcoholic and is very violent towards her daughter and neglecting. Some of you might have red my previous posts (very very long story).

So... what exactly do Social Services after you contact them? I am very worried about the welfare of the child and really want them to help the child and the mum.

BradfordMum Mon 21-Mar-11 16:58:22

The last time I reported anyone to SS, IT WAS A SHAMBLES.

I'd seen a cm hit a child, so I rang Ofsted, who stated I must also report it to SS.

I gave a statement to them, and the lady then said..........

"so what happens now?"

After id replace my chin into it's correct position, I stated it wasn't up to me to do anything, but them.

"oh, ok, thanks anyway" she said.

The CM is still minding.

letsgetloud Tue 22-Mar-11 00:15:18

I haven't read your other posts so am not up to date with the situation. Also I am not a social worker so maybe talking nonsense. I just know a tiny bit about child protection so will take a guess at what will happen.

The situation will be discussed with a social worker and his/her line manager. They will tell the child's mother/parents/carers there has been a report of neglect/abuse.

If they feel it is quite violent neglectful they may ask to go out to meet the child and parent. Depeneding then on what is said they may follow it up with checks with health visitor, doctor, school or nursery.

If not felt to be neglect then they may just send a letter to them advising that there has been a referral but are not following it up.

Not sure if this is what you meant. A qualified person may come on and give better information now.

Oligo Wed 23-Mar-11 22:53:54

I'm not sure what they do. Also what they do and what they are supposed to do might be different due to workload.

How did you contact them- phone, writing? did you get reference number/name or something like that? Did you feel they listened to you and were planning to do something? Could you chase up to see if they have your contact on record?

I've just updated myself somewhat on your situation via threads. So there is someone else living there now- have I got that right? Are you still in any contact with them? I'm really glad you are taking action on this.

The school may be able to refer child to some type of therapy (with parent's consent) but depends on where they live and funding etc.

MollyMurphy Wed 23-Mar-11 23:01:42

They will review your information, call collaterals to see if others have similar concerns, then make a determination as to course of action - whether at intake the family can be called to discuss issue and given verbal warning or if it needs to go to investigation. They will not give you any information or update you in any way as the matter is now confidential between SS and the family in quesiton. So the chances are not great that you will know what has been done.

If they do an investigation and find evidence of a concern then there are a few options. They can determine if a warning is sufficient, if breif services are warranted, if the family would be open to an agreement outlining some services, if they need community service referrals or if some court process is required.

It could take some time for them to respond depending on what urgent status they've given the file and keeping in mind that they get zillions of calls of concern daily.

NJE Wed 23-Mar-11 23:20:52


thanks for your replies. I contacted the school and they gave me the number for SS. Anyway... I phoned them and told them about what I was concerned about.They asked me if I was XY and I said no... the lady then told me that already someone else had contacted them about the child and she was really happy that I contacted her. anyway... she said she would speak to her manager and asked me If i would like to remain anonymous. That was all. I didn't give a reference number or something. At the moment I am still in contact with her childminder (who knows 75% of what is going on at home, before mum employed someone for the evenings the girl would often stay at the childminder's house until 11-12pm.) I know that the new girl is seventeen and that she lets the little girl smoke (she smokes herself in front of her and I know that the girl is very curious und tries to copy adults behaviour) I am moving to Brussels in May and will then don't have any contact to her at all which worries me a lot.

slipperandpjsmum Fri 25-Mar-11 17:16:30

I am a social worker. A referral comes into our team from the contact centre. We then have 7 days to complete an Initial Assessment, where we interview as many people as possible including speaking to the child alone.
If there was an assault on a child we would undertake a joint investigation with the police. On the Initial Assessment we make a decision how to progress the situation. If it is felt there is immediate risk to the child clearly we will act before the 7 days.

If you feel nothing has been done or the case has been closed ring it in again and keep ringing it in. Child protection is everyones concern. Children's Services reply on people reporting abuse. However, appropriate action cannot be taken without evidence which is why it is so important that if you believe this child is at risk you keep going.

Naz80 Sun 10-Jul-11 00:35:57

Hi Everyone,
I am 30 years old single mum with 5 years old daughter. I get in trouble last week and I really need help by some advice. I suffer from chronic pain from 3 years ago and take so many pain killers every day. Because of my situation I felt that I have depression and needs some help to managing my pain, so I refer myself to psychological therapies service couple of months ago and then I started to seeing someone in that department. After few sessions she decided to refer me to other department to seeing someone else which was last week. The person I saw last week is the person who put me in trouble. In my session with her, I told her about anything that I need help such as cleaning myself and home. Few days later after my session she called me and said she decided that my child is in harm and they will refer her to social service and child protection. At that time I was so angry and I didn’t understand why but she said she made this decision by my daughter psychologist who we saw 1years ago link to difficulties with my daughter diet, and he discharged my daughter last years. However she told me if I want to find out why I have to give him a call and disgusts this decision with him. When i call him, he denied anything and said he didn’t talk to her and he doesn’t understand why she lied about this and also he doesn’t like to be evolved in this case. He suggests me to contact her again and find out why she has done it! I tried to call her but she didn’t answer me.
The next day when I get her report I find out that she lied in so many things such as I washing my daughter for 2 hours every other day and wash her hair four times during this showers, which is not true and is absolutely rubbish and also funny which also really shock me. Now I want to wait until the social service act and after they decision, which also will be my good evidienc, I will complain about her lies, but I really don’t know where and who to complain? Please helping me and giving me some advice. Thank you for giving me your times by reading this long history:-)

nannynick Sun 10-Jul-11 08:41:52

Naz - I think you are wanting to make a complaint against a psychologist, though it isn't clear to me who the person was who you were referred to. I would suggest you consider who their employer is - an NHS Trust perhaps. They will then have a complaints procedure. Alternatively contact the person directly (or their office) and ask for a copy of their complaints procedure.

bubaluchy Wed 13-Jul-11 22:25:21

I rang SS regarding a few children I was very concerned about, they never got back to me.

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