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How do I may a shift worker understand what they need to pay me?

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Booh Thu 13-Jan-11 08:19:40

I had a really nice family come to see me this week, they are shift workers.

Now, most childmindners / nurseries in the area they would be expected to be paid full time. So 8am to 6pm five days a week.

I proposed to the parents that I would want to be paid 30hours a week, to be used when ever they wanted over the week. If they needed more hours then they would have to pay for them.

Have just found out (not from the parents but another source) that they think that is far far too much!

But they are ideal for me and really fit in well!


pippin26 Thu 13-Jan-11 08:39:13

Are they ideal? Really - they haven't been upfront and honest with YOU - you have had information via someone else (if that is reliable info).

Shift workers - because the hours/days are not set/regular and can fluctate this means you may not
a) have a regular income - ie some weeks you might only work one day
b) it may take up more than one space or whereby you cannot fill your other spaces etc

in this instance a retainer fee may be charged or an agreed amount of hours to be paid for each week with additional hours being charged for if used. A retainer ensures that the space is going to be there when they need it.

I would not say they can use hours as and when they choose to - I would ask for hours each week in advance (preferably monthly in advance).

Booh Thu 13-Jan-11 08:43:42

Its reliable info (and no I was not snooping around the internet if you know what I mean)

The child will take up a full time space, and I wouldn't be able to use any of the hours (so 50 hours in total) but I was willing to only charge them 30 as they are local, on the same wave length etc

Damm its always so hard.

I may phone the mum and have a direct chat with her about it

HSMM Thu 13-Jan-11 09:29:22

Have a chat with them, but I wouldn't be able to afford to sacrifice the full time space and would charge them for the full 50 hrs if it makes you feel any better. You need to work out what works best for you. You keep your 30 hr retainer, or you charge when they are there and half fee when they're not, or work out something that suits you, or you both just walk away, agreeing that you cannot come to a middle ground.

Heresay is a dangerous thing though, so they might just have said it's a lot of money, but still be happy to pay it????

Of course, there are some CMs who would be able to charge them only for the hours they actually use.

Booh Thu 13-Jan-11 09:32:14

Thanks HSMM

I don't know of any other childminders around here who are able to charge them only for the hours they use. And there are no nursery spaces any where in a 20mile radius.

Maybe I should give her a call?

oranges Thu 13-Jan-11 09:35:41

I think if you've made an offer, then just sit tight and let them decide whether its worth it or not. They may look around and get something cheaper, or realise your offer is fair.

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