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CM considering adopting cat/kitten from animal shelter, do I need a specific policy.

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fizzfagins Sat 08-Jan-11 12:55:24

Just a quick enquiry. My DH and I are considering the idea of adopting a cat or kitten from an animal shelter, maybe 2 max. They would be vacinnated, neutured/spayed and microchipped. We've looked into Cats Protection league, RSPCA etc, so they would be vet checked prior to adoption (and they come out and do home visits too!). I'm a CM and have spoken to the parents of my mindees already about the idea (the children are school age, so no young ones at present) and they don't mind, one of them has a cat at home anyway. I just wondered how other CM's work with cats/kittens in the family (up until now we've only had goldfish, so no impact whatsoever), do you have a specific policy about pets and do you keep them separate or let the children interact with them? Naturally I would pay pay particular attention to hygiene issues, and would be strict enough to keep it away from tables/worktops food etc. As I said it's an academic idea at the moment.

Funky2sarah Sat 08-Jan-11 13:04:20

Hi There

I certainly wouldnt have a problem with it as a parent, I was brought up with animals and feel its important that children know how to act/what is acceptable behaviour around them.
From a practical point of view, do you have an area you would feel is ok for cat/s to be shut away in, that has access to the outside via a catflap?
I think as long as you have a strict policy about animals and work surfaces and any toys animals lay on being cleaned should all be fine!
Just make sure the children cant get to litter trays/food etc.
Good luck, Im sure the cats will have a fabby home with you!

HSMM Sat 08-Jan-11 13:10:32

When I first started minding 11 yrs ago we had to get parents to sign a form to say they were happy with arrangements for pets. I have kept this up over the years, so just something like that might do? You may want to write a policy for the parents to read first.

Scarfmaker Sat 08-Jan-11 14:41:44

I have three cats and I just tell the parents at the beginning.

I've had my third cat for a year and half now and she was a RSPCA rescue cat.

I've never had any policies.

BoysAreLikeDogs Sat 08-Jan-11 20:19:59

You also need to think about whether a risk assessment would be appropriate - to show that you have thought about things like

best siting of a litter tray
handling the cat rules
siting of the cat feeding station and how to keep the children away from it
bites and scratches
infection control

[not exhaustive]

Ripeberry Sat 08-Jan-11 20:23:25

I've adopted a large black shorthaired cat, a real gentleman actualy. But our resident cat (small female) just hates him and when I'm minding I usually put the male out in the utility room (he has access to the outdoors) until the female goes upstairs and has a sleep.

If they meet each other in the house they do sometimes have a fight.

He only came to us in late October so she is still getting to know him.
But I do keep them seperate when minding.

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