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Looking for a family

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caringandkind Thu 06-Jan-11 16:29:40

I am giving this message so I hope someone will think I can be good for them. My friend told me to write in this place.

I'm 23 years old and I am from Romania. I used to live with my mother, my father and my little brother, who has now 19 years old.

I?m graduated but because of the economy I didn?t find any job, so I decided to do something that I really enjoy. I found out about being an aupair and I was very exited because I like traveling, and being around kids. I came here in May last year by my own and now I?m looking to find a friendly family.

I'm a very open, social person with always a smile on my face. I see myself as a very happy, playful, caring, honest and a likeable person, have fun and do all the outdoor activities. I love to travel and experience new things.

I adore children, and I have experience with kids, because I was like a second mum for my brother. Moreover a have experience as an aupair because I?m working for 8 months and I?m looking after many kids in the family including twins. Working as an au pair is one of my greatest experience in my live.

I am looking for a new family because I have been there for some time but I want to change. I want a new experience with a British family that will appreciate for my hard work and let me share some of the normal culture with them.

I am happy to come to any where if the family is nice. I can meet before. I do have a good friend (girl) who was with me but is moving to North London area so if you are close to here it is eve better but this is not that important, only to be fair and kind.

My friend says that you will be very happy with a great au pair :-)

You can send me mesaages to

caringandkind Thu 06-Jan-11 16:31:39

sorry I am a girl too

nannynick Thu 06-Jan-11 17:53:48

Not really a good place to advertise for work. Some people may see this though possibly not that many people.
Suggest you use sites like: where you can add details about yourself, plus also look for parents in a certain area who are looking for an au-pair.

I would also suggest that you include details of what type of Accession Worker Card you have, along with any restrictions there may be (such as working a max of 5 hours per day).
Also include how long you have been in the UK - as I think after being here a year, you get more ability to change job (though do check that with UK Border Agency/Immigration).

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