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2 toddlers, a hefty 3 year old and a school child - how to transport them?

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OopsDoneItAgain Thu 06-Jan-11 10:54:28

I am recently qualified and need advice on how to manage the school run please! I will probably be having 2 toddlers and my own 3 year during the day, whch I can manage transport wise, but the school run is proving tricky. I definitely can't get them all in the car and would rather walk anyway. The problem is that my 3 year old struggles with the school followed by pre-school walk, it is hilly and a fair distance. He can do most of it most days, but somtimes runs out of steam. So, is there a decent tandem buggy I can put a buggy board on, or will that do my back in? Or any other solutions I haven't thought of yet..? All ideas gratefully received!

minderjinx Thu 06-Jan-11 12:50:34

I've used a Litaf seat 2 Go with both tandem and side by side twin pushchairs - it's like a buggy board with a mini seat. (I have a Jane Powertwin and a Mothercare Urban Detour). It will be better for your back if you use a good sturdy pushchair/jogger with very rigid frame and large inflatable wheels - folding buggies are just too flimsy and flex too much, and the solid wheels transmit all the bumps in the road up through your arms and shoulders. It's also important to load the children evenly so the pushchair doesn't pull to one side, which may be easier in a tandem, depending on the weight of the children involved.

OopsDoneItAgain Thu 06-Jan-11 19:05:41

Thanks minderjinx, I shall go and google all the things you have mentioned!

Booh Thu 06-Jan-11 20:04:54

Scooter? DS was flying along on a micro scooter from the age of 2 after I evicted him from the buggy for a mindeed child!

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