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Help! In a panis my wondderful CM has just given notice - Exeter

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pippylongstockings Wed 05-Jan-11 19:37:28

All in a spin - my lovely CM who has had my 2DS for 3 years has given me 4 weeks notice today. Long story short she now has family commitments that mean she can't do CM anymore. I am very gutted and in a panic.

Does anyone know of any good CM in Exeter - has to be in walking distance of EX1 postcode and if at all possible do drop-off and pick-up to Ladysmith School.

Has anyone used FISH at Ladysmith ? I think this may be my best short-term option, but don't overly want my 2 DS to be in a 'school/nursery' environment all the time.

They are still only 4 and 5 and so loved the one to one care they had for the last 3 years. Day's out to beach/swimming/crealy etc in the holidays.


FessaEst Wed 05-Jan-11 19:43:40

Have you spoken to DISC? They are really good and gave me lots of options based on my quite specific criteria. I wouldn't bother with the online search, just give them a ring - they will send printed lists if you request it. Good luck!

anewyear Fri 07-Jan-11 10:23:38

Try the family imformation service,

hope this can help

Dysgu Sat 08-Jan-11 01:09:03

Gosh, I feel for you! I was in your position just over a year ago - DD1 has been with a fabulous CM for 3 years when CM could no longer stay in business due to family situation. She gave notice 2 weeks before I was due to go back to work after ML with DD2 - and DD2 was due to start with her!

On the morning she told me I went home and cried!

DD2 still started with her at the age of 8 months for a fortnight whilst I sorted everything out.

The CM was the biggest help - so it might be worth you asking her if she knows of any other local CM's who have spaces? I managed to get a spaces with my 1st CM's CM Network friend - which was quite something to get 2 full-time places, including and under one year old! CM had actually spoken to her friend before giving me notice - we did have to take some holiday days to fill a short-term gap that she couldn't take both girls but...15 months later both girls are VERY happy going to her every day.

TBH I do still miss our first CM (and know that DD1 does too!) but we really struck lucky - and now our current CM has the old CM's assistant as one of her assistants too!

I hope you find something soon too. try asking your CM for advice.

Good Luck

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