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Nanny or Childminder?

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SPhilp Wed 29-Dec-10 16:01:44

I'm trying to return to work in the new year and I'm so confused with childcare. Please forgive my ignorance but can someone explain the difference between a nanny and a childminder?

I'm going to be working a long shift one or possibly two days a week and I don't know who to start looking for. I need someone to look after my LO from breakfast at 7am, through the day, settle him to sleep at night and stay until I get home. Which profession would that be, nanny or childminder?

WhenPaperclipsAttack Wed 29-Dec-10 16:38:31

A nanny. Nannies are employed by you to look after your child in your own home, and therefore you are the employer and responsible for tax, drawing up contracts, etc. If you only need the childcare two days a week then a "nanny share" with another family might be an option.

For reference childminders are self-employed and work from their home, often looking after several children from different families eg. one toddler, a couple of pre-school age, some older children who attend before and after school. They should be registered with Ofsted.

Nannies can also choose to register with Ofsted, and that can allow you to use tax credits to cover some of the cost, but that's a whole other can of worms. Other people around here know much more if you have questions!

nbee84 Wed 29-Dec-10 17:16:13

Just to clarify the "nanny share" - a proper nanny share is when a nanny is caring for children from 2 families (in one of the family's houses) at the same time. Some refer to a 'nanny share' as family (a) using the nanny for 2 days a week and family (b) using the nanny the other 3 days a week - this is actually not a 'share' but two seperate employments.

You mention one or possibly two days a week. Is this because you are unsure how many at the moment? Or that some weeks you will want one day and some weeks you will want two days of care?

nannynick Wed 29-Dec-10 17:19:33

Sounds like it may be a very long day... could well be 12 hours+. That will limit your options greatly.

Someone who comes to your home (so a nanny) would probably be best given the hours of work. However it's a costly option.

Some childminders can provide overnight care. So they may be able to offer care during the day plus overnight. Some may start at 7am, others won't start that early.
Worth finding out if any childminders locally to you provide overnight care. Your local council (sometimes County Council) can provide a list of registered childminders.

SPhilp Wed 29-Dec-10 21:37:10

nbee84, It's both. I work in a hospital, when they are short staffed I get called to help out so although I know I can get work I'm not sure week by week what days it will be.

Thank you all for your help though, I think a nanny share might be worth investigating.

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