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Buggypod on a Phil & Teds?

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PositiveOutlook Sun 19-Dec-10 11:05:23

I recently got a Phil & Teds and it is brilliant (apart from a puncture already). I have had an enquiry about taking on 13mo twins one day a week, I have a 20mo mindee on that day so I am looking for a transport solution. I definately don't want a buggy board but will a buggypod attach onto a Phil & Teds? Does anyone have any experience of this, how practical it it, how easy is it to push, how stable is it etc?

Also, with twins, is it two separate contracts and folders?

helencw77 Sun 19-Dec-10 19:22:13

I had a Buggypod and absolutely hated it, I sent it back in the end (that was about 4.5 years ago now though).

But, I did see somebody in town just yesterday with a Buggypod attached to a P&T (with doubles kit), so it must fit, and it obviously worked. I personally found it a nightmare to go up and down kerbs, and also despite me taking three hours to fit it, it collapsed whilst I was crossing the road, hence why I sent it back. I did not use it with a P&T though, perhaps it is a better fit.

So, personally I wouldn't recommend it, but I have recently seen one attached to a P&T, so it must be possible.

My fave thing to use for three was a Jane Powertwin with a Strolli (bike attachment) attached. I'm not sure if the Strolli attaches to a P&T, it probably does but you might need to cut the fabric to get the attachment on (need bare metal), it would definitely work better than a buggy board and doesn't get in the way of your feet, I really liked mine.

Helen xxx

DorisIsAPinkDragon Sun 19-Dec-10 19:31:14

My dsis had a buggy pod that also collapsed on her (although can't for the life of me remeber what it was attached to (I think possibly her jane powertwin)

She also sent it back..

EColi Sun 19-Dec-10 20:21:41

We tried a buggy pod on a phil and teds. It was incredibly unstable and dangerous. We sent it back. Dreamt of an ABC double buggy with toddler seat added but was not in budget!

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