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How does childminding work?

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scatterbrain Fri 17-Dec-10 22:55:12

Just a few questions really - am thinking of using a childminder to mind my dd after school just a few days a week - never done it before and could do with some guidelines please?

Have identified another mum at school who is a childminder - however can't find her on the registration website. She has several pre-schoolers in the day and the odd after schooler - so she must be registered mustn't she?

Have had initial chat and feel a bit confused - is it right that I will pay her for the hours even during school hols when I don't need her? I asked if I could bank the holiday hours and use them to make up the odd whole day in holidays and she said no - as she would still be available so I have to pay for availability wven in school hols. Seemed a little off to me - but is this normal?

I asked for a draft contract to consider at home and she said she doesn;t do contracts as such. Also asked about payments - advance or retro and she said she'd let me know ad-hoc what I owe her.

Just not sure if this is standard or what?

Most grateful for any advice.

cat64 Fri 17-Dec-10 23:00:44

Message withdrawn

HSMM Fri 17-Dec-10 23:02:00

Some childminders do term time only, but not all. You should see her registration certificate and insurance. She can give you her registration number if you want to read her ofsted report. I always issue contracts and for your protection you should have one. It will detail when you should pay, how much, notice for holidays, etc. I take payment in advance and give parents invoices.

Hope this helps. I'll let you know if I think of anything else.

HSMM Fri 17-Dec-10 23:02:28

cross post

scatterbrain Fri 17-Dec-10 23:08:24

Thank you both - I think I need to ask for her certificate and a contract. I like things nice and clear from the outset.

I'd almost rather pay a bit more but only in termtimes - do you think asking to do that would be considered cheeky?

nannynick Fri 17-Dec-10 23:18:03

Perfectly find in my view to ask... she may well say no but that's up to her. If you ONLY need care during termtime and those dates are known well in advance (which they usually are) then she could sell the holiday care space to someone else.

Consider what care you need. For example, if school closes for any reason on a day during termtime... would you need care then? What about during weeks when school may start a term mid-week, or end a term mid-week... would you need additional days beginning/end of those weeks?

The clearer you can be with regard to what care you need, the better your chances are I feel of being able to convince her that paying for just those booked dates may be best for her as well as you.

Dlamis Sat 18-Dec-10 08:18:25

As a childminder i would never work without a contract and clear payment terms set out. It protects both of you.

This would ring alarm bells for me. Definately check certificates and insurance.

Also check out other childminders in the area, don't just pick one because she's also a mum in the playground. (and i say that as one who is a mum in the playground )

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