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What to charge for overnight stays???

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nicolamat1983 Sat 11-Dec-10 22:00:16


My boss has asked me to have her DS for a few nights during the week. Basically she is due to have an operation and would like me to have him at my house on the pretext that she is 'working away' so she can recover at home in peace (he is very much a mummys boy and would pester and pester her!). She has asked how much I charge but not sure what to say! I've been a nanny for over 8yrs and in my current job for 2.5mths. In 2 of my previous jobs I've had to do overnighters but both have paid differently, 1 paid me hourly through the night and the other paid hourly rate til a set time, say 9pm, and then an extra £25 with pay restarting at normal working time in the morning.
I was just wondering how much to tell her without taking the P or selling myself short!
Also as its at my house I wasnt sure if it should be more or less than the 'norm'? He will usually go to bed 7/730pm and wake anytime between 6-7am and as he will be on school holidays, I will have him all day. I'll probably have him for 2/3 nights from Mon 20th Dec til 22nd/23rd Dec.
Sorry to ramble on, just wanted you to have all info!

wrinklyraisin Sat 11-Dec-10 22:03:36

I would do your babysitting rate til midnight, then a sleepover fee, then the babysitting rate again from 6am to normal start time, then your normal daily rate kicks in iyswim? Personally I would charge about 80 quid per normal end time to normal start time. (EU keyboard so no pound sign)

nbee84 Sat 11-Dec-10 22:49:57

'Sleepover fees' tend to be around £25-£30. As you are at your own home I would be inclined to charge normal babysitting rates until 9 or 10pm, then sleepover fee until 6am. Or as wrinkly says, work out an amount that you are happy with on top of your normal day rate.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 12-Dec-10 10:59:02

technically you shouldnt have children to sleep over or be at your house if your property isnt registered as a cm ......

but many of us do

i would charge normal bs rate till midnight and then a sleepover free

i charge £10ph bs and then £30 sleepover so £80 a night

looneytune Sun 12-Dec-10 11:17:59

I'm a childminder and do regular overnight stays. I charge £70 per night, reduced to £50 per night for regulars who are settled and in good night time routine.

Blondes is right about you officially needing to be registered but it sounds like people still do it so...

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