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3 children, would a nanny be better than nursery?

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ktwiltshire Sat 11-Dec-10 20:54:40

My nursery costs are cripling, even with tax credits help and ive been considering a nanny for some time, well since have DD3.

My DH works from home, is a musician and works mainly from his office but sometimes needs the house to himself to record, but its not regularly and could be prearranged easily to fit in with other activities. I work 4 days a week (2 full days 2 half days)

DD1 goes to school is in reception and will go 'full time' in january
DD2 (3.5)currently goes to preschool full time 5 days a week, but obviously she would still have her 15hrs
DD1 is 6 months and currently goes to nursery for the best part of 4 days a week

Would it be cheaper overall to have a live-out nanny? (i have someone in mind who would almost certainly say yes, but i would need to know i can pay her the right amount for her and to cover expenses ovbviously)

I would need 4 days a week, 2 full days (8-6) and 2 almost full days (8-4) so it would be 36hrs a week (?)

Any ideas??

nannynick Sat 11-Dec-10 21:05:34

How much is care currently costing you per year?

Example Costs of Employing a Nanny - may be worth a read. The costs are more than just paying the salary.

If you were to pay £10 gross per hour... then 36 hours a week would be £20443 a year cost to employer given current taxation.

nannyl Sat 11-Dec-10 21:09:48

as a very basic figure assume £10 gross per hour.

(although experianced nannies may expect more, and expect to pay more in London too)

then you have employers NI to pay on top of that...
so for arguementsa sake say cost to you of £400 / week.

+ 40p / mile for nanny to use own car
+ costs of things nanny does... toddler group / swimming / soft play etc, and in the school holidays probably a few day trips.
+ cost of food (which im guessing is currently included in nursery fees?)... Food for your DC ^and for nanny while she is working.
+ cost of heating house (may not apply if DH works from home anyway)

Id say £10 / week kitty should be enough in term time for toddler groups / swimming etc... (there are normally lots of cheap things you can do, especially if given a budget)

Extra perks of a nanny:
The childrens laundry will be down for you and their beds will be changed etc.
The playroom /bedrooms will be kept neat and tidy and orgnised (so long as at least some effort os made not to completely trash them at the weekend!)

Most nannies are happy to do basic things such as loading / unloading dishwaher as necessary.
I have never had a problem with making enough of the main dinner im making to feed the parents, so some nights you might not have to cook.

If you middle child is 3.5 though i assume in September they will also be at full time school, at which point your childcare costs should fall considerably?

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