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clingiest baby in the world

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woahthere Thu 09-Dec-10 11:05:01

just that really, an absolute delight, gorgeous little girl but I cannot put her down, even if I make moves to put her down she cries, my back is getting knackered as a result. A sling will help I know but does anyone have any tricks to encourage her to sit on her own for a while - shes 8 months old.

stomp Thu 09-Dec-10 13:18:05

Been there and have tshirt grin (i've a few like this over the (20) years- some that nursery didnt want shockbecause of the crying)i carried mine around for as long as i could and slowly slowly introduced the idea of me sitting on the floor with them on my lap and over the days/weeks slowly slowly moved them to sitting next to me on the floor- always picking them up and taking with me if i had to move, then slowly over time moving that little bit away until i could get up off the floor without screaming frightened baby getting upset, and then just generally reassuring baby with lots of noises. I firmly believe that a baby that appears to be screaming in temper is in fact just scared stiff and needs lots of reassurance. Its worth it in the end smile

StarExpat Thu 09-Dec-10 14:16:01

A sling, yes, sorry.
Also, a nice, sturdy cushiony backpack carrier. I know some people think these aren't nice but sometimes it was welcome relief for me for a little while (DS needed to be carried all the time). It didn't do my back in as much as the sling did. I used the sling loads, but backpack is a good way to switch it up a bit.

HSMM Thu 09-Dec-10 15:14:55

Yes, I've been there too. Just turned my head to look the other way and the baby started screaming. It did my head (and back) in, but it really helped to keep reminding myself that the baby was not doing it to be annoying.

Like Stomp said - very very slow and very very gradual steps towards independence, returning to the previous step if necessary. Feels like it takes forever and you can't even go to the loo, but it does end and the child will love you for being supportive during this tough time.

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