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Nanny share logistics?

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secretweapon Sat 04-Dec-10 21:01:31

A friend and I are considering a nanny share for our DSs who will be around 9-10 months when we start. We both work fairly long hours but hope to be home by 7 pm to put our DS to bed, and we are thinking we would switch houses on a weekly basis.

Can anyone give us advice on the day-to-day logistics of making it work, especially around dinner, bath time, bed time and getting home? In particular, we are trying to get to grips with how to handle getting home and bed time for the baby who doesn't live at the house at which dinner and bath time take place.


qualitystreetrosescelebrations Sat 04-Dec-10 23:06:46

My dh and I alternate our 'late' 'early' weeks. This means one of us is always home by 6pm. On the early weeks, we know that we have to get ourselves out of the office, and ensure meetings are earlier in the day etc.

As you are doing it a week-by-week basis, could you have it that one of you will be home by 6.30pm one week, and not the next. And early week is the one where your baby is not at your house.

I hope that makes sense - I know what I mean but i'm knackered so it may not make sense!!!

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