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C.M.'s what plans have you got for Christmas?

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MUM2BLESS Fri 03-Dec-10 20:22:26

Hi everyone.

This year has been BUSY in many ways.

I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my family.

What plans have you got? When are you taking time off for christmas?

Have you had any time to do your shopping?

Or should I not go there? smile

underpaidandoverworked Fri 03-Dec-10 21:03:09

Never work between xmas and New Year - not after the first yr I minded and worked 50/52!!

Off for a pamper session tomorrow (xmas pressie from DD's last xmas hmm ) then shopping in our delightful Metrocentre grin

Already had the 'pleeeeeaaaasssee can you do one day' from mindees parents - NO!!!!!!!

I take 4 wks a year and this is the special one - quality time with my OH and 3kids. Especially after the last few weeks, we really need the time off to recharge our batteries smile

Woohoo - bring it on grin

mindingsaproperjob Fri 03-Dec-10 21:12:29

Hi There

Like you I have been really busy this year.

I am looking forward to having a break over Xmas with my family. I finish work at around 3.30 on Xmas Eve then return to work on Jan 4th.

As for shopping Ive done most of it over the internet late into the night and I have discovered the delights of that famous cosmetic catalogue that one of my parents keeps putting in her childs change bag!!! Oh and the Lovetoshop voucher is a must in my house. I bought all my mindees a book each whilst I was on my holiday in the summer. Cant believe Ive had them tucked away since July!

In the lead up to Xmas I have planned loads of activities cumulating in a trip to Dunham Massey to see the ' reindeer ' and an Xmas party for all the children I mind regardless of it being one of their scheduled days or not. I must be mad!

Saltire Fri 03-Dec-10 21:16:05

I finish on 17th and back tow ork 4th january. However, i realise I am lucky to be able to do that, work for all military fmailies so they all finish on 17th too.

I worked christmas eve and boxing day for the past 3 years though so looking forward to being off

underpaidandoverworked Fri 03-Dec-10 21:17:23

Saltire - you've more than earned your time off this year, enjoy hun xx

Saltire Fri 03-Dec-10 21:19:59

underpaid - I know and the mum had the cheek to moan at me she said "oh but I want to do things on Christmas week" FFSangry

Dh actually handed me a big glass of wine at 5.03pm when I shut the door on mindees, he said " you deserve this"

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 03-Dec-10 21:20:05

I'm having my usual fortnight off

we made the delia/waitrose Xmas cake (easier to put through the books than to try to pro rata the ingredients from sy store cupboard) and will ice and decorate, slice, cellophane bag and send home with a Handmade by x label

spin paintings cut into stars/bells, punched and hung on ribbons

recycled xmas card collages

Xmas party on my last day before Xmas

I am hosting my faaaaaaamily this year so that'll be fun - teeny house, hundreds of guests ho ho ho

underpaidandoverworked Fri 03-Dec-10 21:28:49

Salt, one of mine said 'oh, u never told us you were off'.....then I printed off the letter I gave them when they signed the contracts - in April grin. Love December as can do sooo much with the kids, when the snow stops coming down!

Done handprint calendars, got jelly/glitter planned for Monday. If snow goes off a bit will get littlies out in garden - today it was up to his waist, so no point shock

BALD - u are officially mad, lol grin. Family for xmas???? Cant stand mine the rest of the year - certainly dont want them round for the big guys day!!!

mindingsaproperjob Fri 03-Dec-10 21:29:09

I remember one year when a parent said to me " Would you prefer to work Xmas Day or Boxing Day " I replied " Neither but if I have to choose I think Boxing Day going to be the best for me " . That was back in the day when I didnt take much time off. Still only take 4 wks off and I normally work between Xmas and New Year but thought I owed it to my family this year.

Danthe4th Fri 03-Dec-10 21:44:15

Off to center parcs as soon as my children get home from school on the 17th for 5 nights and no work except babysitting till the 4th.
Have a fab christmas everyone xx

KatyMac Fri 03-Dec-10 21:52:22

Finish on 23rd - all children but one cancelled on 24th, so I asked for a swop & the mum said yes

Back on the 4th......sunshine in between

ChildrenAtHeart Fri 03-Dec-10 21:57:23

I am off from Christams Eve till New Year - we have DH Mum staying with us from the Wed b4 Christmas (she comes alternate years) and take her home Boxing Day on the way up to my folks in Nottm (we are South Coast & Mil West London) for Christmas mark 2 on BH Mon with my parents, sisters x2 & brothers x 2 & their various partners & offspring. Its great fun & totally terrifying for DH who comes from a small family lol.
I really treasure Christmas & we've developed lots of little traditions.
We'll be making magic reindeer food, paper plate garlands, snowflakes (as if not had enough of them!), and doing as much stuff with glitter as possible! Oh & MIL is Jewish so I'm attempting to 'do' Hannukah next week for my 2 & mindies but mine are not really interested

HSMM Fri 03-Dec-10 22:02:08

Off Christmas Day to New Years - really looking forward to it.

dmo Fri 03-Dec-10 22:45:39

happy days was working 24th until 3pm today when the only child i had rang to see if i could swop and have her 23rd smile

but school finishes on 17th dec (this has never happened before new headteacher our school normally closes 23rd) so i will have 8 children monday to thursday that week!!!

might borrow my 2yr old niece on the thursday night for a sleepover smile

christmas day its dh and ds's and we made a rule 15yrs ago no body visits and we visit nobody on this day its just the 4 of us and thats how i like it smile

done all the present buying mostly internet (might need to buy my postie a present for carring all my parcels grin)

back to work on tuesday 4th

also had parents asking about the inbetween dates shock not so they can work so they can spend time a home or go sale shopping!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont have many years left of christmas like this (boys are 13 and 14) i want to relish it

looneytune Sat 04-Dec-10 08:35:36

So far I seem to be the only one working Oh well, I have Christmas eve off!

School breaks up 17th so 6 instead of 4 on Mon-Thurs the week after. I've got the Mon/Tues bank holiday dates off (don't work BHs) but that's it this year. Will be taking the lot off next year!!

All mindees presents bought and a couple of my own kids presents but yet to shop for their main presents. No other presents this year (dh and I not buying for each other and the adults in my family don't buy for each other) so shouldn't be too big a job.

Got my parents coming down on Christmas eve and they are staying at a hotel nearby for 4 days so will be nice to see them for a bit (we probably only see each other once or twice a year). My brother is joining them and us for Christmas day. Apart from that, no other set plans, just spending time together

Hope you all have a lovely break

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