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Help! How much should I be paying for piano lessons?

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Passionflower Sat 24-Sep-05 19:22:55

We've just taken on an au pair (someone else's) to teach piano to DD1. Thing is when I asked her how much she wanted to charge for the lessons, she said it was up to us!!

She comes very well recommended and DD1 enjoyed her first lesson today. I have insisted that lesson be only half hour long cause DD is only 5.

I was a bit taken aback when she said it was up to me how much and offered £10 per lesson, am I being mean? I so don't want to take the mickey, but don't want to pay over the odds either.


frannyf Sat 24-Sep-05 19:39:31

Sorry I don't know the answer, but £10 for half an hour on a casual basis does sound reasonable. I expect a professional teacher who pays tax etc. would charge more. I guess if she's happy to do it then you are all onto a winner.

Passionflower Sat 24-Sep-05 21:23:53

Ta Frannyf anyone else have an opinion?

QueenOfQuotes Sat 24-Sep-05 21:25:06

That sounds pretty reasonable for a 1/2hr lesson on a casual basis.

Whereabouts are you??

Frenchgirl Sat 24-Sep-05 21:28:59

sounds fine to me too, I pay £15 for half and hour for dd's (very qualified) cello teacher in bristol

QueenOfQuotes Sat 24-Sep-05 21:30:36

I charge £15hr (so £7.50 1/2hr). But we're in Wellingborough, and prices here are pretty pathetic really. If you're in London/a city - then it's a pretty good rate.

Passionflower Sat 24-Sep-05 22:10:08

We're in Channel Islands. Prices of things are usually same as for london/south east.

beetroot Sat 24-Sep-05 22:16:57

Message withdrawn

katymac Sat 24-Sep-05 23:35:28

I pay (or rather my mum does) £10 per half hour in Norfolk

zippy539 Sat 24-Sep-05 23:50:53

Just asked DH about this. He says professional musicians here charge anything between £20=£30 (sometimes more) for an hour. But he reckons a reasonable amount in your situation would be about £12-£15 for half an hour.

Glad dd enjoyed her first lesson!

Janh Sat 24-Sep-05 23:55:17

We pay £12 per half-hour for DS2 and that's for a seriously qualified teacher.

Janh Sat 24-Sep-05 23:55:40

(In Lancashire)

QueenOfQuotes Sat 24-Sep-05 23:57:28

I know the best qualified teacher in our town charges just £5hr (yes honestly). She's got the longest string of 'letters' after her name, but does it because she enjoys it, doesn't need the money (is now comfortably retired from her pro-music days).

Some pro's charge up to £50 a hour though (depending on who they are )

Freckle Sun 25-Sep-05 08:10:08

I'm in Kent and pay £12 for 1/2 hour for DS3's piano lessons. His teacher is highly qualified and is a bona fide teacher (i.e. with teaching qualifications) rather than someone who can play the piano and is willing to teach, IYSWIM.

Passionflower Sun 25-Sep-05 19:50:23

Thanks everyone, your advice has really helped.

Au pair has studied with Prague Conservatoire but I'm not sure if she has any teaching quals as such. I think I'll stick with a tenner for now and if DD is still progressing and more importantly enjoying her lessons I may offer her more around X-mas. DH plays piano so we'll be able to tell if DD's actually learning anything!

AnnaJB Thu 31-Dec-09 12:44:58

Professional teacher should be paid around £14 for a half hour lesson. About £10 is good.

Katisha Thu 31-Dec-09 12:47:55

Anna JB why are you resurrecting these ancient threads, out of interest?

Berryred Fri 01-Jan-10 22:04:04


Hando Sat 02-Jan-10 20:36:58

The childs probably grown up and left home by now!

Butterymoon Wed 20-Jul-11 00:20:38

I'm looking for a piano teacher for my 5 year old in Maidstone (or surrounding areas). Does anyone know of anyone?

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